Why I Blog

While Natalie was at her dance class last Thursday afternoon, Connor, Teyla and I crammed in a trip to the grocery store.

It was my first trip to a real grocery store in a long time, which is sad, really, because I love grocery shopping. No lie. Grocery stores make me happy. There's something about all those orderly aisles and the colorful produce and the smells of the bakery that releases a flood of endorphins in my brain. I smile, I relax. I might even get a little giddy.

Corey mocks me mercilessly, but I have a strong id. He can't touch quench this fire.

As I was shopping Thursday, several things struck me.

1. The music of my life is now grocery store muzak. As I buckled the kids in the shopping cart (the kind with the car on the front, which is so huge it practically requires its own ZIP code), I realized the song coming from the overhead speakers was "No One is to Blame" by Howard Jones. "Wow," I thought to myself. "I haven't heard that song in forever. Funny. It still bugs me."

I shopped for canned fruit while humming Kool and the Gang's "Cherish." I bought some chicken while a Madonna-wannabe exhorted me to take a "Holiday."

And a part of me died, just a little.

Those were the songs of roller skating rink angst, people. ANGST. And now they've been reduced to background music for middle-aged housewives who consider a trip to the grocery store the highlight of the day.

I am old.

2. Earlier this year, I was a regular buyer of organic milk. Now that the economic picture is growing darker by the nanosecond, I'm a regular buyer of the store brand. (Although it's still r-BST free. I can't compromise on that one.)

3. I bought the following vegetables: celery, onions, carrots and potatoes. Oh yes. Fall has arrived. Goodbye garden fresh tomatoes and piles of verdant green beans. I'll see you next year.

4. When you are in a hurry and are shopping with two young children and you have your cart piled high with food, it helps to have your wallet in your purse instead of in the car.

Thankfully, the checkout clerks at our neighborhood grocery store are long-suffering. As are you, for having read that list.

I call it Exhibit A in "Why I'm Glad To Have A Blog."

A few days weeks About a month ago, Lisa @ Take 90 West tagged me with a meme (which rhymes with theme; Lisa taught me that). The purpose of the meme is to share five ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.

Her answers were great, as were the Queen B's before her. So I felt like I needed to give this one a little time to ruminate before I did it. (Translate: I was really tired and couldn't hold a coherent thought in my head if my brain were made of Velcro.)

Here's what I've come up with. All are positive.

1. My blog motivates me to write. When I first started my blog, I was excited to have a deadline again, even if it was self-imposed. Over the years, I've learned I function best when I have a little outside motivation. There's nothing like the thought that my story is going to be on the air in 60 seconds to make me bang out that final sentence with a flourish.

2. My blog gives me a channel to share the randomness that otherwise clogs my mind. Theoretically, anyway.


3. I love that blogs are two-way conversations. It's not just me writing in a vacuum. It's a dialogue. (Hint: This is why comments are important.)

4. Virtual conversations have led to real friendships. I treasure so many of you that I have gotten to know online. Like Lisa and The Queen B said, I often talk about you to my real-life friends or family and then find myself in the awkward position of having to explain that "No, I don't really know these people, at least not in the sense that I've stood next to them. But I still KNOW them." Because I do. I feel like I know you. And I like you. I really, really like you.

Bonus: Meeting virtual friends in real life. This past Saturday, I had breakfast with a group of Twin Cities bloggers. There was much laughter and much coffee and much noshing (which made this breakfast lovin' girl quite happy) and I can't wait to do it again.

(Clockwise from bottom left: Rachel from Badgers on the Loose, Heather at Extraordinary Ordinary, me, Sara from Greetings from Butterville, Whitney from Baby Tunnel Exodus, Jenny from A Latte Talk and Heidi from Minnesota Mom.)

Also, please note that none of us are ax murderers posing as mommy bloggers. In case you were as concerned about that as our husbands were.

5. And that leads me to my final positive affect. These bloggy relationships have encouraged me as I seek to be a disciple of Jesus. I love to laugh. I love the companionship of other moms. I love learning and being intellectually challenged. But in the end, my favorite aspect of blogging is when a fellow blogger comes alongside and encourages me (literally: infuses me with courage) to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. Sisters in Christ; there is nothing like it.

I'm now supposed to tag some other bloggers to keep the fun going. Normally, I flake out at this point. But since I'm still on a sanguine high from my breakfast Saturday morning, I'm going to tag my fellow pancake-loving, coffee-drinking Twin Cities bloggers.

And next time, ladies, I'd be honored to serve you breakfast at my place. I'm always looking for an excuse to go to the grocery store.


  1. And I'm so glad you continue to blog because I think you are great!

  2. I am THERE. Breakfast is as good an excuse as any to get me out the door!

    Such a blessing it was to meet you all! I may not carry an ax, but my hatchet was in my purse...

  3. love your reasons for blogging. they ring true for me too.

  4. I will come to your place for breakfast ANY day of the week.

    You can also go to the grocery store for me, ANY day of the week.

    I'm kidding, I used to like going to the grocery store. Until I had a boy.

    I do not like going to the grocery store any more. Unless I'm alone.

    I, for one, am so glad you blog!

  5. Great post. I love all of your reasons. You are a wonderful writer and storyteller! And you also encourage me in my walk with Jesus.

    Thanks for all that.

  6. I love blogging for some of the same reasons - it has been a true blessing for me.

    Also - I love the grocery store too! When nothing else is open - I can shop :) The kids come plenty too though!

  7. i totally understand the grocery store thing. my excuse is that i barley get out of the house and when i do it is usually the grocery store. I like to buy stuff and since the sconomy and high bills are making buying stuff hard i can only buy food. So there you have it i enjoy the grocery store also.

  8. I am still getting garden fresh tomatoes and verdant green beans here! Maybe you should move to Morocco.

  9. This is a fabulous post, Kelly. And I think I have been in denial about grocery store music... hadn't thought of that before but you are so right! And I love grocery shopping, too, because I just love to spend money!

    Bloggy meetups are the best. I really hope we can meet up eventually someday!


  10. How cool that you got to meet so many of your bloggy friends. I love your reasons for blogging.

  11. Grocery store musak definitely makes me sad. Luckily our local store just keeps the radio on our sad local radio station.

    Love your blogging reasons, I think a lot are true for me too! Plus, being a WAHM, I welcome ANY connection to the adult world.

  12. Thanks for blogging, because I love reading your blog. And I do the same thing...talk about my all my blog friends like I know them in real life. I do feel like I know them. And I've been encouraged in my walk with Christ through other bloggers. And my husband does think that some of these mommy bloggers are posing at ax murderers...he doesn't get it. I don't think a lot of husbands do. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I LOVE breakfast food too!

  13. What a wonderful post. I am excited for us to get together again. And don't worry about me, sharp things and I don't get along.

  14. What a great looking group! I bet breakfast was so fun. I have never met a fellow blogger. :(

    I loved your reasons for blogging, but the part about the music of my youth being reduced to Muzak has left me feeling old and depressed.

  15. I'm on my way over...
    oh wait. Not right now??? Oh, got it.

    You know what's funny? Well, a few things are, but I think Lisa at 90 West also told me how to pronounce meme (when I commented on her post about this and admitted I have no clue!)

    Okay, soonly I will play along.

    I love the grocery store too. But only when I'm all alone, walking slowly along without fighting with anyone about where they're going to sit. :)

  16. Love thi post as always. Wish I could have been at breakfast with you. Or the grocery store. Come down here and I'll take you to Chick-fil-A for breakfast and lunch.

    And your blogging reasons resonate with me.

    Except you didn't put a reason as "It gives me a place to post pictures of my adorable kids for the world to see."

  17. Your last reason is, for me, the most compelling.

    Most of the blogs I read because I care about the people who write them and I want to lift them up by getting involved, commenting, and encouraging them.

    My favorites, though (including yours) are those that lift my spirits and remind me of Christ. When I read about other people's experiences with God, I remember that not everything is about me and that Jesus was the Savior of the whole world. I love those blogs that allow me to "meet" fellow Christians and become united with them across the globe. I love blogs that remind me to grateful, to "consider the lilies", as you will. I love blogs that address challenges I have in my life right now from a Christian standpoint.

    And that's why, even though I usually restrict my time online to people I have met in person, I reserve a bit of time to read you.

  18. I love your blog Kelly. I read your post on Parenting about sleepless nights. I am right there with you! I was also a journalism girl in college.
    I wrote about it here:
    Is it ok if I follow you? :)

  19. I love to grocery shop too.. and I thought I was the only weirdo who did! I guess not! I have written many times about my love for Publix. You would think they were paying me (I wish...).

    Great reasons to blog, too!

  20. I think it's so great to meet bloggers in person. It really helps to put a real personality to the blog.

  21. I LOVE grocery shopping, especially those rare occasions when I don't have to take the twerps.
    What is with husbands thinking that all other mommy bloggers are drooling male serial killers in disguise? Jeepers.

  22. Same day meming. I think that is a record for me. Again, it was so nice to meet you.

    Maybe we can do breakfast again when Mindy comes to town. :)

  23. I can not even talk about how envious I am of that lunch!! One day I will sit at a table with you my friend! :)))

    Remember - Memphis, TN 2009 LPL Be there or be square..:))

  24. I get you and your grocery shopping love... I'm there with you:-) I especially love it, though, when I am alone and can sip starbucks while meandering up and down the aisles humming to the musack.

    Besides leaving your purse in the car, the next worst thing is leaving the reusable grocery sacks in the car. Ugh! Then I buy new ones- to leave in the car again next trip. :-)

    (By the way, I buy the organinc milk, although at $6.00 a gallon I am sure to be back to the store brand soon. What is the r-??? you mentioned?)

  25. I love the grocery store too! Would you believe it's my "me" time? I go after the kiddies are in bed and because they're with my husband and not a sitter, I can wander around to my hearts content. :o)

    Thanks for the tag! I want to do what you did and put time and thought into it, because blogging really has made a difference in my life. I want to get it right.

    Blessings, Whitney