Note to Family: No Starbucks Gift Cards for Christmas This Year

My neighborhood Starbucks closed its doors on Friday.

It's only now that I'm able to talk about it.

It wasn't a surprise. Technically, I've known it was coming ever since Starbucks HQ released the list of store closings back in July.

But still. It hurts. They took away my caffeine. Not to mention that was the only distributor of Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate for a five-mile radius.

Some of you may be rolling your eyes right now. I know it's not hip to like Starbucks. Too homogenized, too ubiquitous, too bent on world domination.

But here in Minnesota, coffee isn't just trendy. In January, when it's dark 28 hours a day and the temperature struggles to hit -40, coffee is life. It's necessity. It's survival. And that Starbucks was the only coffee shop on my daily route.

Guess I'll have to turn to the caffeine dealer next on the chain -- my husband. He makes a mean cup of joe.

And lucky for me, he's not going anywhere.


  1. So sorry about your local Starbucks. Is there one anywhere near you at all?

    My son works at one in Riverside California and I think that they treat employees pretty well,

    Not to mention that I like the coffee too.

    But my husband makes ours on most days too by grinding up whole beans which we get at Starbucks......

  2. Try Dunn Brothers down the road, Kelly. I think that they even have a Drive-Thru! A wonderful blessing for MN winters! :)

  3. Ours closed too, and it wasn't even open a year. The worst thing about it is the nearest one is almost an hour away. I've gotta learn how to make better coffee.

  4. Would this be the wrong time to mention that I have 3 Starbucks within a mile of my house? One plus to living in a densely populated area...

  5. I'm deeply sorry for your loss.

    I do not love coffee, but if Sonic closed, I would weep.

    And after reading the words Salted & Caramel & Hot & Chocolate all combined...I may have to become a groupie.

  6. Now I need to try that hot chocolate you suggested.

    Maybe you can get the Starbucks coffee from the store and stick it in a Starbucks mug and pretend. It's worth a shot, huh?

  7. Oh, you have my sympathies. That is sad times.

  8. Anyone who doesn't sympathize with you honestly just doesn't understand. It's not that they are bad people. They are just uninformed.

    I, for one, am mourning your loss.

  9. The one 2.2 miles from my house closed almost a month ago. The next closest one is in a B&N store with no drive-thru. Not the largest problem in the world a'tall. But I echo the complaint.

    Moving on now. Here's to the husbands who brew for their wives.

  10. This is going down as my favorite quote all month: "But here in Minnesota, coffee isn't just trendy. In January, when it's dark 28 hours a day and the temperature struggles to hit -40, coffee is life."

    I am one of those who prefers starbucks over the "other" one... but shhh... it's our little secret.

    I will be wearing black today for you. :(

  11. Wow! Go hang a wreath on their door...and mourn your loss. I'm sorry! And right now when pumpkin latte's are a MUST!!

  12. Hubs and I gave in and bought a fancy espresso machine. Has saved us tons of money and he makes a mean latte. We even keep a few syrups around when we really need to satisfy a hankering. And as for the chocolate, are you able to get your hands on the allegro brand of european drinking chocolate? It is DIVINE. I like mine bitter, but they have some sweeter. Just steam some milk, make some foam, and you can beat Starbucks salted caramel HANDS DOWN.

  13. I feel your pain.

    Although how anyone can feel anything at -40 is beyond me.

  14. Oh Kelly! I feel your pain, I really do.
    Maybe this Christmas we can unite across the miles and DEMAND that the powers-that-be open NEW Starbucks right near us!! (Although, to be honest, the cafes round here make some great espresso. That's for those of us who like just a shot of espresso though. None of that fancy hot choc you mentioned)
    I vote you become a devotee of AND you also invest in an espresso machine. And then invite me over.

  15. My sympathies bloggy friend. I grieve for you...the sadness is overwhelming.

    I had NO idea it was not hip to like Starbucks...thanks for bursting my little bubble and reminding me just how un-hip I really am :)

  16. From where I come from it is hip to love Starbucks! And what is Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!?!?

    So sorry for your loss...


  17. I'm so sorry. Since I live in the Rural MN, we have no Starbucks. So it positively fills my heart to hit them on trips. Nobody makes chai like Starbucks. I now know to ask for an extra pump of chai at my Caribou. I can't help but love those people. They treat us so well.

  18. You could buy an expresso maker! You'd be surprised how quickly it would pay for itself...
    Looking for recipe for Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate RIGHT NOW, my golly.
    (and I'm laughing about your above post about how beautifully decorated small town houses are. YOU ARE NOT JOKING.)

  19. I love a good cup of homemade Maxwell House French Roast coffee. I'm not a big Starbucks fan, though. I love the atmosphere and I love going in there because it smells so good. Their coffee is just too bold and bitter for me. The only thing I like there is fat-free vanilla latte with two equals.

    Sorry yours closed for your sake though. :(