Contents of a Dirty Diaper

(Consider the title of this post a warning and a disclaimer.)

Corey changed a particularly messy diaper of Teyla's last weekend. He came downstairs, grinning, and said, "I can tell you what she's been eating lately."

"Go for it," I laughed.

"Corn?" he said.

"Check," I replied.



"A leafy green vegetable?"

"Ummm.... Not check."

I think we're going to have to get rid of all our houseplants.


  1. I think this is her way of telling you she needs a little more roughage.

  2. That is so funny! Isn't amazing what we talk about when we start having kids!

  3. Well, I must say I'm glad this wasn't a part of the "I See What You're Saying" video!!

  4. I love Rachel's comment.
    And um...are you sure she didn't have spinach? No? Oh boy. Out with the plants.

  5. Yeouch. I was shocked to find out how many houseplants were mildly POISONOUS! Not that I have any, mind you. I can't keep plants alive.

  6. Too cute. We parents have no shame on the things we will share, read and delightfully comment on!

  7. Um, I'm just glad I ate my snack BEFORE I read this post.

  8. Did you ever think as you were lovingly gazing into your husband's eyes on the day that you wed... "Someday we will have discussions about diaper contents"? Just wondering. Scott and I also like to discuss the children's rashes, their proclivity towards missing the toilet bowl and their regularity in general. We feel it adds to the marriage.

  9. What a great title. Every mom understands. :)

  10. I always wonder why I bother feeding corn to babies and toddlers.

    It does nothing more than say howdy to the entire digestive system.

  11. I once (foolishly) let the kids do a holiday craft that involved lots of glitter; the poor baby was producing glittery poop for weeks.

  12. Oh, my!

    I remember once I found a penny in my daughter's diaper. Of course, I blamed my husband for not watching her and letting her swallow it. He said, well check again, maybe there's a 20 in there!"

    Between that and rainbow-colored diapers from chewing on crayons... it got interesting at times. LOL

    You might want to forgo the poinsettias this Christmas, or put them up high!