Teyla: Eight Months

Before I launch into a full update on Teyla: The Eight-Month-Old, let's review, shall we?

At birth:

First month:

Second month:

Third month:

Fourth month:

Fifth month:

Sixth month:

Seventh month:

Eighth month:

Notice the tongue. I'm pretty sure it's a God-given clue to her personality.

She's an incredibly sweet baby, as her brother and sister before her. But as noted before, she's also mischievous. And now that she's crawling and standing and cruising, her mischief potential has multiplied exponentially.

You might say, we've widened the cone of uncertainty.

Take the stairs, for example.

No. Really. TAKE THEM. She learned to crawl them a few weeks ago, amidst wild applause from her adoring siblings. And she's fast. Really fast. I can't keep up with her.

Last week, on the first day of school, she and Connor were playing together in a corner of the living room. (Natalie had set up a "house" for Teyla, consisting of the a Fisher-Price toy that looks like a doorway, a bunch of toys and a blanket roof.) Connor came into the kitchen for a snack. I peaked over and saw the baby happily chewing on her toys. I cut up an apple. I looked back toward Teyla. She was gone.

I called her name. "Teyla? Where are you, sweetie?"

I heard a happy shriek in return. It was coming from the stairwell. She was one step from the top.

Be still my heart.

I'm going to be on my toes so much with this one, I might as well invest in ballet shoes.

Another recent development. Teyla has become a foodie.

But like Natalie, Teyla is NOT interested in baby food. She doesn't like the flavor, she doesn't like the texture and -- most of all -- she doesn't want to be fed by anyone other than herself. Since we've been down this road before, we've already ditched the baby food and have opted for soft versions of regular food that Teyla can feed herself.

Breakfast is often toast slices, bananas and Cheerios. Lunch might be pizza crusts, small strips of string cheese, thin apple slices or bites of melon. Dinner is whatever we're eating. So far, she's gobbled up small pieces of fish and chicken, cooked florets of broccoli green beans, mashed potatoes, polenta. And as you'll see soon in my report on the Minnesota State Fair, she LOVES corn on the cob.

She'll really eat just about anything, as long as she is in charge of getting it into her mouth.

Even dirt.

And, as I learned this afternoon, she might even store it, like a chipmunk. I swiped her mouth to remove what I thought was a chewed-up piece of napkin. I discovered a pickle. We'd been done with lunch for an hour.

(Does that mean we're in for a hard, cold winter?)

Her brother and sister continue to adore her. She can do just about anything to them, and they think it's funny. Case in point: Here, she (sweetly) deploys her eye-gouging talons of mayhem, and Connor just smiles.

She loves her Dad. In fact, she's starting to say "da-da-da-da." I don't think it has a meaning yet, but I'm pretty sure that will be her first word.

And me? Well, I'm her Mommy. To her, we are one entity right now. "Me-me-me-me" she babbles when she's sucking my shoulder. She's happy to play with her toys, her siblings or even watch an occasional "Baby Einstein" video. But no matter where I am or what I'm doing -- be it cooking, typing, folding laundry or playing Legos -- it's not long before I feel a little hand on my foot.

And she grabs my leg...

...and pulls herself up...

...and wraps her arms around my calf, like a little koala hanging on to its mommy.

I'm hanging on too, sweet Teyla.

I look forward to your continued adventures.


  1. Her hair just cracks me up. We experienced some unruly WILD hair with our second baby.

    She's darling.

  2. Oh, those cheeks...that smile...curly hair. She could not be sweeter, Kelly.

    I am amazed at her 1st month picture...she looks so much older.

  3. Her personality is all over her face. She is a hoot. One of my favorite pictures is the one where she is "washing dishes" in the kitchen sink! Priceless. Thanks for sharing these. I can't believe she is growing so fast.

  4. Ohh...this was such a fun post! What a delightful baby!

  5. She is a DOLL. OH, MY OVARIES!
    Welcome to babygateville, population YOU! Our stairwell is so scary - steep and wooden - that it was gated as soon as they even showed a HINT of being ready to crawl.

  6. At least those stairs are carpeted!

    And - I can't see how anyone could stand the texture of baby food. She's a smart girl.

    And cute. Very cute.

  7. I love the mischevious looks and the cheeks...Good Lord, there is something about babies cheeks that make me grit my teeth. My children always know to run for cover when I start talking through my teeth...they know they are about to be eaten up. Happy 8 months! Sue

  8. OMG! So precious! You gotta love digital cameras! My mom didn't have our pictures developed until we were five . . .

    Too cute!


  9. It is amazing how fast she is growing...she's got a personality all her own. It appears that she may have you all wrapped around her finger and I can't wait to see what adventures are up next! Thanks for the update!

  10. The "I'm hanging on, too, sweet Teyla" picture? That killed me. Tears! I absolutely loved that series of pictures of her crawling up your leg and grabbing on...and clutching your neck. I love that! I love that they are so confident to just claim what they know is theirs. (When/why do we lose that?) Beautiful!!!!

  11. Kelly, she is precious.

    And, I'd say it is a bit of an understatement to say she keeps you on your toes. Oh my!

  12. Such a sweet post! You are blessed with such a little cutie, even if she keeps you on your toes :)

  13. She's so cute! Doesn't time just FLY??

  14. I just had a baby two weeks ago. Reading this post, I believe, just made me ovulate. Sweet. Sweetsweetsweet!

  15. What a sweet, sweet series of pictures of her pulling up with the help of your leg.

  16. She is a doll! You have your hands full mom! :)

  17. I get the biggest smile from those pictures! She is precious. And I can't believe how quickly she is growing up...