The Streak Continues

So now that Amanda over at Baby Bangs knows she's having a girl, I'm free to tell the world that my husband knew she was on the pink team a month ago.

It's a continuation of his creepy unexplainable streak. He has correctly predicted (he prefers "foretold") the gender of the last 12 out of 12 babies. (Including Teyla.)

He doesn't put forth an opinion about every pregnant woman he knows. He has to get "a feeling" for him to lay it out there. But once he knows, he knows. And for the time being, anyway, statistics back him up.

This is of particular importance to a dear friend of mine who is pregnant with her second. She has a boy right now, and according to Corey, she's going to have another boy next April. She wouldn't mind having another boy. Her first will be two years old when the baby is born, and having two brothers close in age would be a blast. (If you know otherwise, do not tell me. I would like to shield her innocence.)

Problem is, she and Corey have a lovingly antagonistic relationship. And she doesn't WANT him to be right. She's tired of him always being right. She wants him to be WRONG. Not so much because she wants a girl, although that would be delightful. Just because she wants Corey to fail.

When she heard that Corey was right about Amanda, she e-mailed me and said, "Now I'm praying for TWIN GIRLS!"

And Corey, when he heard her say that, laughed and said in reply, "Poor thing. Will she even be able to love her second son, or will he always be a reminder to her of her defeat?"

Anyone want to put money down? Corey's going for lucky 13 here. (Not that we believe in luck. But you know what I mean.) My friend's ultrasound is scheduled for November.


  1. I have twin boys and then another son sixteen months younger than them. They are a hoot. they are quite the posse, but I wouldn't trade them. Tell your friend to expect to "die a little every day" as she watches them hurl themselves off furniture and seek danger in unexpected places. And at least she can avoid lots of drama. boys just sock each other in the gut and move on. Very simple.

    Meanwhile, I am struggling to wrap my brain around this concept of "gurl" and can't believe I will have two of them shortly. You mean girls don't solve their issues by pointing their gun finger at the other and saying "pow"? Whatever shall I do?

  2. Oh, Kelly, I could have SO used Corey and his foretelling skills when I was pregnant. We chose not to find out, but that did not stop us from being 100% convinced that our baby was a boy. Imagine our surprise when the midwife told my hubby, "Well, look and see who you have here"....and he looked and choked out, "A girl".

    Absolute shock, followed by absolute love. And I wouldn't trade her for anything.

  3. Wow, his odds are really incredible! 12 out of 12? I'm in awe. I would have loved to have known about your hubby and his skillz when I was prego-all 4 times, which ended up in 2 boys and 2 girls, in no particular order. I bet you'll be hearing a lot of requests for his gender knowledge expertise now that you've blogged it! (But I know, I know, he has to have a feeling first.)

  4. Kelly ~ Remind your husband that the streak usually ends sometime.

    I was at 10 for 10 when we received the results of a friend's sonogram this week. The sonogram says that I was wrong. (I know! I couldn't believe it either!) It totally ruins my stats! And, unfortunately, I made my prediction publicly in her blog comments, so denial isn't an option...

    Still, Georgia Peach hasn't given birth yet, so I'm holding onto the slim chance that the sonogram was misleading (they say girl, I thought boy).

  5. My daughters 3 D ultra sound said she was having a girl. She had two ultra sounds in fact. And the Dr. varified it too.....Yep, Mr. came out. A hugh shock to us all! Mr. Perfect is a sweet little baby boy with lots of pink clothes!:)

  6. I'm like Corey! I don't always know or care, but if I get a feeling I'm usually right.
    And I hope your friend has 2 boys. Brothers are lots of fun. Tell her as long as she realizes that part of every day must be spent wrestling, she'll do great!

  7. oooh, the gift of prophecy :)
    I can't wait to hear if he's right!

  8. Very cool. I hope the streak keeps going!

  9. I've got 3 boys, ages 15, 6 and 4. Some days they're inseparable, and other days YOU SEPARATE THEM TO KEEP FROM CHOKING THEM!

    That said, I love my boys (even though I cried after my ultrasounds when none of them were girls!)

  10. So do you still have a question about what I am having? I am sure that Corey can tell you, one guess I only have one baby this time :)

  11. I know who you are talking about. I can't believe she's having another boy !! I'm going to start buying baby boy blue clothes for her right away with my many Carter's coupons with no hesitation.

  12. I also want to say, that for the record, I predicted that when your friend got pregnant again that Corey was going to predict another boy. I predicted his prediction in advance.

  13. Wow, Corey.

    I have the opposite gift. I am 100% wrong almost every time I predict a baby. I haven't kept track of how many, because, well, who keeps track of failure?

    Can't wait to hear if he's right again. Wanna know my prediction? No, you don't wanna know... cause I'm always wrong. But you didn't ask. so, here's my prediction:

    The ultrasound will say girl. Everyone will cheer except Corey. Then, baby will be born, and they will say, OH!!! It's a BOY!!


  14. Okay, you know you and Corey are my favorite man/wife internet duo. (Wow, do y'all wear matching leotards?) With that being said, I can't help but root for him to continue his creepy streak.

    Can't wait for the ultrasound...Come on BOY! :)

  15. Two boys close in age ARE a blast! Mine are nineteen months apart, and yes, it's crazy, but motherhood is ALWAYS on the crazy side. So I'm votin' for the boy. ;)

  16. Good for him. Maybe he should go bet on a horse or play the lottery! ;D

  17. I'm rootin' for a boy too! Only because our second little boy made his grand entrance 3 weeks ago! (sorry it has nothing to do with your hubby's winning streak!) :)

    Come meet him over at my page!

  18. I always vaccilitate between guessing that my friends are having boys or girls and then when they have their baby, quite rightly take the credit for guessing correctly.

  19. My husband is freaky like that too. And my sister, too, didn't want him to be right just for the sake of him actually being wrong for once.

    But alas. She is having a girl, as he predicted the minute I told him she was pregnant.


  20. I have three boys. 4,3,1.

    Fun, yes.
    Crazy, yes.

    Your friend is in for a ride! LOL!