Teyla wouldn’t go to sleep last night.

She wasn’t cranky. Just the opposite. She was a shrieking, laughing, smiling, crawling bundle of enthusiasm.

I didn’t understand the sudden spurt of energy. We’d had a busy day. She’d taken a decent afternoon nap, but that had been hours ago.

Yet there she was. At 9:00 PM, 10:00 PM, even 11:00 PM – babbling, waving her hands, smiling, reaching. Happy.

What do you do with a baby so excited about life?

She finally fell asleep around 11:15. I hightailed it to bed, to join my already snoozing husband.

At 1:30, I heard her cry.

“Seriously?” I thought, as I stumbled down the hallway, navigating to the nursery by sound and not by sight.

I was greeted with the sort of sound Mr. Snuffleupagus makes.

Oh. That explains it then.

I don’t know why, but when my kids get sick, they don’t get tired – they get hyper. You can see the exhaustion in their red-rimmed eyes, but it as if their bodies refuse to give the germs any satisfaction.

“Oh, you’d like to have me down for the count, wouldn’t you? I don’t think so.”

We were up almost every hour after that. I’d nurse her back to sleep, which enabled her to negotiate a clear breathing path again. Sixty to ninety minutes later, we were back in the glider.

Morning came much too soon.

So here’s what I want to know. Now that we aren’t supposed to give our infants cold medicine (although I think I still have a bottle back in the medicine cabinet from before the stuff was banned; I wonder what it would go for on the black market?), what can a tired parent do to relieve their babies sniffles?

She isn’t congested. She doesn’t have a fever. She just has a facet for a nose.

Do they make nasal diapers yet? I'm just sayin'.


  1. I hope she feels better soon! It is terrible when little babies are sick! Do you have a dehumidifier in her room? We keep one going at night. Our pediatrician gave us a prescription for cold medicine for Bella(7 month old) a couple of months ago when she had a cold. He said not to give her anything over the counter.

  2. Hey, I had all that cold medicine, and look how I turned out? I'm just sayin'!


  3. Hard call, really. I asked my pedi why the cold meds were banned, and he just said "because they don't work."

    Which I thought was funny because when I gave, say, a tiny bit of Dimetapp every 4 hours before, it did wonders. So, whatever, I don't know where I stand.

    I guess just keep wipin'! :)

  4. Um, I'm sorry, but I've never had a good answer for that one. But I feel you so very deeply on the sleepless night, and I will pray that baby's nose clears up. That snot thing is NO FUN for ANYONE! Espescially mom, since she's the one who pays for it. :-(

  5. What worked best for me when our daughter had a cold? Probably pretending I was so zonked out that the Husband woke up, took pity on me and shuffled to the nursery. (I'm just saying.)

  6. Nothing works like the real Sudafed does (not the PE cr*p). You can still obtain the Children's Sudafed at some pharmacy counters - call around town and ask.

    Also, those nightlights that have the vaporub pads in them - they make the room smell like you exploded a eucalyptus bomb in there, but they help baby sleep better.

    I also rub some VapoRub on my breasts so baby can breathe while she nurses. Sexy, I know...

  7. This is a tough one. But in my experience, the cold medicine doesn't help anyway, so you can look on the bright side that you aren't missing anything by not trying it??!

  8. Oh Kelly, I hope she feels better soon and that you can get some sleep! My daugther gets hyper when she's sick too. I have been using saline to try and help with the sniffles, along with a cool mist humidifier (or is it vaporizer, I can never rememeber?)

    What they need are those little breathe right strips in baby size! Those are what I swear by when I'm stuffy :)
    Take care,

  9. Vicks is the answer to all our snuffles now that the cold med ban is on. Humidifiers help, too, and that wretched baby-torture device we like to call the "snot sucker."
    Oh, and you might try elevating that end of her crib mattress her sinuses can drain a little bit better. When I do this, though, it usually means that the baby ends up rolling/sliding down to where his or her feet are and does nothing for their breathing. Oh well.

  10. Last time Asher was snuffly, runny and such all I could use was the aspirator (what fun) and a humidifier. I miss baby cold medicine. Those of us who use it right, should be able to take a course to prove it and then walk away with our very own box of baby nyquil :)

  11. Our pediatrician okayed a bit of Benadryl to help as necessary. It helped.

    Hope you had more sleep last night.

  12. Yeah, the little aspirator from the hospital in conjunction with some saline drops. I gave Bean infant Tylenol Cold when she was tiny tiny and it worked WONDERS. I want it BACK for Peanut. Should be my choice. Grrr.

    I hope she (and you) slept better last night. Nothing stretches out an already long day like being dog tired.

  13. Humidifier, baby vapo rub, fold up a blanket under one end of the mattress to elevate, vapo plug in thing, and a little ibuprofen for good measure (I have my theories, but mostly I'm a "take it if you've got it" kind of mom).

    My kids are a lot like yours. There is no sleep when sick. So for you, Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks.

    Hope it passes really quickly!

  14. Little corks?

    I don't know. I'd just put vaseline on her upper lip to prevent the torrent of snot from chapping and making her raw. I bet your shirt is covered with evidence of her cold...BTDT.

    Congestion is much easier to deal with. Much. Snot-sucker and saline do the trick. You don't need to add more moisture to a kiddo whose nose is running like a fountain. You want to dry her up, and you can't do that without meds.

    I guess you have to wait it out...hugs for both of you.

    I hope Teyla recovers quickly and is back to her sunny self soon!

  15. The poor thing. :( Having a stuffy nosed baby is SO terrible.

    I posted the Little Fish of the Month poll today and you're one of the nominees! :)

  16. We use Mentholatum rub on chest and back. Stand in bathroom with a steamy shower (not in shower). This is all that has ever worked for my daughter and she is now 10 and had RSV as an infant.
    I followed you over from Domestic Spa to say hello. Hi.

  17. We also have used a small dose of Benadryl. It helps dry them out, and it. um. helps them sleep. (most of them... some people (ME!) it makes wired.

    Hope she's feeling better.

  18. Your little one is so cute it makes me wish mine were little like that again. That is until I read posts like this one and realize how much I value my sleep! I don't know how I would have done it without the cold medicines, they were a life savor and seemed to work great....

  19. It sounds revolting and it is, your baby will give you the nastiest look after a spoonful of this, but I swear nothing, not even the strongest cold meds work as well.

    Finely chop a white onion and put in a bowl and sprinkle over 2 or 3 tablespoons full of sugar, cover with cling wrap and put in the fridge for at least an hour. The sugar draws all the liquid out of the onions and it's this funky smelling liquid in the bottom of the bowl that you want to give to your kids.

    I promise though, it clears everything, nose, chest, sinuses.

  20. I forgot to say if you have a pipette or a syringe to get the juice to the back of the mouth without her having to taste too much of it.

  21. The nose sucker. It's amazing. And gross. ;-)

  22. Poor thing...I hope she's feeling better soon.