Summer Makes Me Forgetful

Yesterday was so unbelievably beautiful here in the suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul, that I completely forgot to tell you guys (that's Northern for y'all) that I have a post up at 5 Minutes for Parenting.

Here's a teaser: If you've been around these parts long enough to know my husband -- and to know that he has a few karmic paybacks coming -- you'll love this one.


  1. Forgetful, I can understand. Forgetting the chance to spread that little incidence? Incomprehensible!! Love it!!

  2. This very same thing has happened at my house. I'm not making that up. Only it wasn't right when daddy got home from work, but baby vomit did hit daddy in the face while he played a bit too rough with the pukiest baby on the planet.
    It WAS a beautiful day here in "the cities." We enjoyed much time outside, looking at dead squirrels and such... :)

  3. Oh if I could only have been there to give Teyla a high five. She has done what I have never been able to do-surprise Corey.

  4. Oh my word, that is FUNNY STUFF right there! You'd be winning a million bucks on America's Funniest Home Videos if you'd had it on tape.

    Poor Corey. But he might've gotten a literal taste of what mommy days are often like! Teyla - 1, Daddy - 0!