Hospitality, Martha Style

I was reading through the June issue of Martha Stewart Living last week (I'm a little behind) when I stumbled across this gem from Martha's personal column:
I was recently at a spectacular home in Nassau, in the Bahamas. While the host was showing us around, I observed that every guest room -- there were five of them -- had a kitchen fitted with a small refrigerator, a coffee machine and a pantry sink.

I have noticed that this has become an increasingly common fixture in the homes of many of my friends.
Me too, Martha. Me too.

P.S. Just to be clear: I love Martha. And I'm not being sarcastic. But that paragraph was too rich not to share.


  1. Martha and I SO live on different planets.

  2. These must be the same people that I blogged about that are struggling in the economic downturn with whether to keep the yacht, traveling in their private jet, etc.

    I wonder though, how much they are trying to convenience their guests...or keep them out of their own hair!!

    BTW, don't miss my post from this afternoon (the longish one). :-)

  3. Well if Martha's friends are doing it, I'm calling the contractor tomorrow to put a sink in the guestroom. Oh wait, I don't have a guestroom.
    Oh well.

  4. At least when you get behind, you try to catch up. My magazines seem to keep finding the recycling before they find me! So sad.

    Now I must go prepare the kitchen in the guest room...HA

  5. Well, of course. I refuse to stay overnight at any of my friends' homes unless the guest room is outfitted with these amenities.

    Gotta love Martha.

  6. when we add on i was thinking of making a tornado shelter out of my closet but now that i've read that comment i see a kitchenette would be more appropriate.

  7. Yeah, and I'm doing great if I can afford the magazine :)

  8. Me and Martha so couldn't hang together. She'd be appalled at my sense of "home-ness!" :)

    And, I'm grateful for the one coffepot I have.

  9. Five guest rooms, all fitted with a kitchenette..

    My poor sister.. when she comes to stay she gets the couch in the den.. but it is within walking distance of the kitchen! :) And she has her very own bathroom attached to the laundry room!

    And what in the world is a pantry sink?

  10. I'm totally going to tell my husband TONIGHT that our guests are getting ripped off, since our fold-our couch doesn't have a built in fridge, thus forcing them to walk 10 painful FEET to our fridge.

  11. Martha, shcmartha, but do your friends provide turn down service with chocolates? Visit here, Love Well, and I'll share my stash of secret dark chocolate.

    Or Chick Fil A if you prefer.

  12. Ha! I'm so glad you did.

    Make me laugh too!

  13. Yeah, my kids totally have their own stoves and coffee makers in their rooms. hee hee

  14. I only have fridges, coffee makers and sinks in 4 of my 5 guest rooms. That last one had to go without the coffee maker, but we managed to squeeze in the fridge and sink. I hope my guests don't feel gipped in that last guest room in our spectacular home.


    (By the way, be sure to bring your blow up mattress if you ever come visit - with all of the appliances, there was no room for a bed.)