Afternoon Linkage

I know. Two posts in one day. Stop the insanity. But that's what happens when Corey heads to New York for the week, and the kids get sick. (Connor's doing better this afternoon, by the way. I think we're over the hump.)

I forgot to mention in this morning's post that my weekly post at 5 Minutes for Parenting is up today. It's all about potty training and grossness. How's that for a plug? But it's hard to separate the two subjects, isn't it? Potty training is just messy. No way to get around that.

Which is why I'm hoping to put off the eventual adoption of a puppy into our family. I'm dealing with enough poop at this stage of my life, thank you very much.

In other blog news, I'm terribly behind on acknowledging a few blog awards graciously given to me by some sweet Internet friends.

Way back in June, Becca at Fresh Fruit gave me the Arte Y Pico award. Becca's blog is full of beautiful photography, and she's a military wife, which I love. I have a special place in my heart for military families after our time in San Diego.

My Spanish is a little rusty. (Read: We don't watch "Dora" much anymore.) But I'm told the phrase Arte Y Pico translates loosely as "the best art." Quite the compliment, coming from a talent like Becca.

Lizz at Yes, and So Is My Heart gave me the I Love You This Much Award, which is pretty much the cutest button I've ever seen.

Lizz has a baby girl just a few weeks younger than Teyla, and that baby also brought her children total to three. So we have a lot in common. It's fun to read her blog and relate to her day-to-day struggles and joys.

And Beachy Mimi, who tries to live at the beach as much as possible, and thus, is my hero, gave me the Brilliante Weblog award.

I'm not sure I'd call my blog brilliant, even on the best of days. Maybe just above average, which is befitting a Minnesota girl who grew up listening to Garrison Keillor spin tales about Lake Wobegon. ("Where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average." For those of you not up on your Minnesota lore.) But it tickled me, nonetheless.

I also have a few links to pass on. (These will end up over in my Check It Out section in a few days.) (I have no idea why I felt the need to tell you that.)

My Dad sent my husband a link to this video. Corey sent it to me. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I present: Why Women Need Catalogs.

Interesting article with a self-explanatory title: There are old people and fat people but few old, fat people. (HT Instapundit)

As soon as I finish this post, I'm going over to Lifeway to sign up for the Bible study Sophie introduced on the All Access blog. It's a study by Priscilla Shirer, who is a powerful Bible teacher, called Going Beyond -- and the really innovative part is, they are looking for people to do the study online right now and give them feedback before they release the study to the public next spring. (Code name: Open Access.) That's fascinating to me, and it sounds like a great time in God's word. (Plus, I really need some Bible study right now. I wasn't involved in a study all last year, thanks to the move and the baby and all the stuff that comes with that. And I feel it. In a HUGE way.) If you plan to sign up for the study, leave me a comment so I know who I can talk to about my homework.

And finally, I got this e-devotional from Chuck Swindoll yesterday, and I swear I'll be thinking about it all year. He has a word for wives. Check it out, and take it to heart. We are more powerful than we think in the lives of our husbands. It's good to remember that.


  1. ROFL - I made Mr Lemon come and watch that. Just for kicks. And a lesson well learned :)

  2. I have about 47 responses to this post. I'll try to refrain from making this the longest comment ever.
    I LOVE that Swindoll thing; a friend shared with me just two days ago a similar thing from him. About the strength of women. What a guy.
    I did a Beth Moore study in the fall/winter and have been basicallly doing nothing in that regard all summer. I have lined up Breaking Free with some friends, or I would totally do the Shrier one cause I hear she's great.
    I too am noticing the HUGE difference without something to kind of keep me on track.
    SEE? TOO LONG? I should have just emailed...oh well,
    Hope the sickness is completely gone from your puke house...
    these are the types of things that happen here when my husband is out of town (which is far too often if I do say so). I can relate...
    I'm really stopping now :)

  3. glad connor is award was sent your way at my blog today as well!

  4. Do so love the catalog video. Did so need that snorting laugh! Thanks.