Six months ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed.

I was sore, I was exhausted, I was re-training my legs to move without wobbling like Jell-O, thanks to a kick-butt epidural.

But I was also giddy and energized maybe even a little delirious over the sweet little girl lying next to me.

Giving birth is like that. It's hard work and heavy breathing and sweat and tears and then -- boom -- the baby arrives, and labor suddenly seems worth it.

Ironically, I didn't spend most of Teyla's six-month birthday yesterday (does Hallmark make a card for that?) staring into her twilight blue eyes or tickling her taut, round belly or counting the creases and dimples in her chubby arms and legs.

Well, OK. I did that a little.

Mostly, I spent the day laboring on a different baby. Or, better said, I spent the day as a digital doula, cheering on Stephanie of Adventures in Babywearing as she birthed the brand new site 5 Minutes for Parenting, one of the new sister sites of the uber-popular 5 Minutes for Mom.(And she's going to do it again in 10 weeks, seeing as she's currently 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. Go take a nap, Steph!)

As managing editor, it was Stephanie's job to put together a team of writers to contribute to the new site each week -- and I'm incredibly amazed and honored to tell you, I'm part of that team. Also on board -- and here's where it gets crazy -- are Beck of Frog and Toad are Still Friends and Veronica of Toddled Dredge and Megan of Fried Okra (in addition to Stephanie, of course). And if you don't already know each and every one of those bloggers, go right now and spend at least 20 minutes reading their sites, because they are super talented with unique voices and strong story-telling skills and humor to boot. I have no idea how I ended up on the same team. Maybe they need someone to play right field?

So come on over to my new home-away-from-home and give everyone a shout out. I'm excited as can be -- and this time, I didn't even have to wear a hospital gown.

I love the sisterhood of motherhood.


  1. Ooh, Kelly!! Congrats! How exciting!

  2. Kelly- you could not have said it better... digital doula! Ha! And I was resting but am still up at 4 am. Gah!


  3. A perfect addition to the team, you are.

    That sounded very Yoda didn't it?

  4. You will be a great contributor. Aaah, yet another site to bookmark.

  5. Congratulations, Kelly! What a well-deserved honor!!!

  6. Well, that is just way cool! I'm headin over and checking out all the above! I feel a little out of the loop.

    And, that darling baby girl is just way too cute.


  7. How wonderful! And I can't believe Teyla is already 6 months old...

  8. Six months already?! Wow.

    And congrats - they couldn't have picked a better person for that site.

  9. Ha ha! I feel the same way about being in YOUR company. I guess we don't have to worry about any divas or prima donnas anytime soon, so that's good. Glad to be in your company and this was a pretty fun labor, as far as labors go, dontcha think?

  10. Good for you! Congratulations! You are adorable!

  11. Wow, I think that's the first time we've ever be called an uber-popular blog!

    "Digital doula" -- BRILLIANT... clearly you're up for far more than right field. ;)

  12. Congrats on the new gig! I'll be over at "5 Minutes for Books" so that makes us cousins?

  13. Congratulations. I'll look forward to reading you over there as well.

  14. Kelly - I just finished reading your first post, and it was everything that I would expect from you and more! This sisterhood is an amazing is beyond comforting to know we're not alone.

    Congrats! And I can't wait to see what else you have to share with us.

  15. Congrats on this opportunity. And um, no Chick-fil-A where you are??? Major bummer.

    I wish I could figure out a way to send you a nugget or two to celebrate over but I'm not thinking squishing them in a padded envelope and hoping for the best would turn out the way we'd both hope it would.

    So, the next time you pass through North Carolina... let me know and I'll treat.

    My hubs owns the local CFA so it will be free shakes and nuggets for your whole crew.


  16. I am de-lurking to say congrats! I've been reading you for quite a while now. What fun to be requested by the likes of the five minutes folks.
    I can picture your smile (even though I've never seen it in real life) as you read the comments, as totally dorky as that might sound.
    Thank you for making me laugh and think.
    Heather from MN.

  17. Way to go Kelly! You'll have to post pictures of the new baby!