The One Where Everyone's A Winner

I didn't play sports as a child.

Or a teen.

Or an adult.

In fact, the closest I've come to athletic prowess is getting certified to teach aerobics.

Needless to say, I don't have fond memories of P.E. class.

I also don't have much of a competitive streak.

(Everything I just wrote is a great disappointment to my almost-turned-pro-in-three-sports husband, by the way.)

Hopefully, that sad little confession will help you understand why, when I have a giveaway here on the blog, I tend to feel a little guilty that someone has to lose. I feel a kinship with the losers, with the picked-last-for-the-team players.

I'm an argyle-shirt short of being a female Charlie Brown.

But alas, I only have three Matt Maher CDs to give away. And since we still own two homes, I don't have the money to run out and buy a copy for everyone who entered the contest.

So! Here are your winners:

48 - Tammy
22 - Sara at Miller Moments
46 - Katy aka Funny Girl

Congratulations ladies! Send me an e-mail with your address, and I'll send you your next favorite CD. (And for everyone else, remember you can get "Empty and Beautiful" here for just $9.97.)

And now, here's a little consolation prize for those of you who didn't win -- a pictorial update on Teyla, who will be five months old in a matter of hours. (I can't believe it either.)

I do believe she's the sweetest, happiest baby ever. Not that I'm biased or anything.

She wakes up cooing. She whole body wiggles when she sees someone she loves. Corey calls her "she who smiles with her whole body."

Exhibit A: The video below. I took it this afternoon when I went to get her after her nap. Watch her face.

Give me a minute. I think I need to watch that again.

Oh my word. I could watch her smile forever.

OK. Where were we?

Oh yes. Another thing we've learned about Teyla during her first five months is that she's both physically strong and mentally determined. She seems to be reaching milestones quicker than the other kids did. We theorize this is partly due to the fact that she has active and interactive older siblings. But who knows? It might just be her temperament.

For example, she started sitting up, albeit imperfectly, about two weeks ago.

And she loves to stand, the better to observe her kingdom. She rarely lays on her back to play. (This partially explains her aversion to the car seat.)

If the princess ever does have a trying afternoon, bath time is a sure fix. She loves to be in the water. Princess McWhiny doesn't stand a chance in here.

"I'm sorry. Did my Mom just say I'm whiny? Surely she jests."

Playing with her big brother and sister also rank high.

So does chewing on them.

"I just want one little taste!"

Other popular chew toys include her fingers ...

... her toes, if she can reach them

... her blanket

... and her Dad

... who is also known as Chief Snuggler.

Well, maybe Vice-Chief Snuggler. I'm not sure I'm ready to relinquish my title yet.

After all, I didn't make a name for myself in athletics.

This mommy gig is all I got.

And truthfully? I'd rather have this than a trophy any day.


  1. Came over from The Preacher's Wife to say hi! I love your blog and the pics of your kids! My baby is about a month younger than your beautiful little girl, and your bloggins about her give me reassurance that he isn't getting ahead of himself when he tries everything way ahead of "schedule."

  2. Babies are so all-absorbing! I could just watch them for hours.

    My Rachel always needed a bath in the late afternoons to relax when she was a wee one. I'll bet she'll be the type of woman who needs a bubble bath at night to wind down.

  3. Bummer. I wanted that CD!
    You can feel bad and awful for me!

    Teyla is scrumptious.

  4. I will gladly take the consolation prize. I love a baby who smiles so big that it makes her eyes close! Darling!

  5. I can't believe I won!!! AAAHHH!!!

    Although, if I hadn't, your blog would DEFINITELY have been prize enough. She is PRECIOUS!! And I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with her strength...sitting and standing at 5 months? If you didn't have pictures I wouldn't have believed it!! Clearly she's brilliant. :-)

  6. She is precious! Mommy is MUCH better than athlete. They are SO over-rated!:)

  7. I'll take the baby pics over the cd ANYday! She is so sweet...I could eat her up!

  8. Awwwwwww! Almost makes me want another baby. Almost. :-)

  9. I love the pictures!! I just forget how fast they grow. I love her little expressions.

  10. That video made my day. Your girl is absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing that with us.


  11. OK, these pics are NOT helping me fight the baby bug:-) Oh my goodness, she makes me want to beg my husband to reconsider his "two is enough" stance!
    Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  12. okay she is just as happy as can be! What a cutie

  13. I wanted that CD.

    Until I saw the consolation prize. Matt who?

    She is soooooo adorable. I used to have a smiling snuggly baby. Sigh.

  14. You RULE the land of Mommy. That sweet baby waking up has got to be the most darlin' thing I've seen in weeks. :) Also love the picture of her asleep on Corey..awwww...

    Love ya!


  15. Congratulations to them! She is so cute!

  16. She is soooo cute! Yeah, I don't know about reaching milestones quickly because she has older siblings. My little girl is content to simply watch her siblings. She is nowhere near sitting or oh my goodness, standing. You better watch out, that sweet one is going to be walking at seven months. :)

  17. LOVE the pictures -- she is so adorable! My little guy (who is somehow already two -- time flies!) has loved bath-time from day 1. My oldest hated baths, so I couldn't ever use them to soothe him. :)

    I especially love the toe-munching picture. Babies' flexibility is a wonder to behold.

  18. She's getting so big! It just seems like you had her.

    And that bed head? Love it!

  19. She is SO! ADORABLE! Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  20. I just found your blog while surfing around! You have a beautiful family!

  21. Oh my...DARLING! My little Monkey is almost 6 months! dang, it's fun being a mom!

  22. Oh my gosh Kelly, you made me smile at 7:30 am. She is adorable from head--no, HAIR to toe!

  23. Oh I could eat her up! She is just too cute...and that bed head??
    Oh my gosh!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  24. VERY cute.

    I hated PE class, too. I used to fake asthma attacks to get out of it. I had it down pat. It was awesome.

    I made a pledge to myself at 15 that as an adult no one would ever be able to force me to play sports again. And I've kept it!

    I do love jogging and aerobics, though. Go figure.

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  25. I can't believe she can sit up already, and has been for a while !!! She is sooo adorable. I love baby smiles.

  26. She is so beautiful, and so happy; I loved that video!

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  28. Hi - just blog-hopping from Scribbit. Like your blog! Your daughter is such a doll, a real sweetheart! I watched the video twice too. :)