A Father's Love

Last summer, a couple of weeks before we moved, we threw a birthday party for Natalie. It wasn’t a huge affair as modern birthday parties go – just a few friends from her kindergarten class and a theme of "summer fun." We grilled some hot dogs, played some games, busted a piƱata and ate cake and ice cream. The party ended on the front lawn, where the kids rolled a sprinkler ball around the yard, shrieking and laughing.

One of my friends came to gather her daughter from the party, and knowing this was the last time she would see us before the move, she said a special good-bye to Natalie.

“We’ll miss you at school next year, Natalie,” she said, making eye contact with my dripping, giggly six-year-old. “I hope you’ll make new friends at your new school.”

“Oh, I will,” replied Natalie, nonchalantly. “I’m really kind and cute and smart. It will be easy to make new friends.”

And she skipped off to spray water at her brother and give Kendra one more hug.

Lauri and I burst into laughter at the simple self-assurance displayed in Natalie’s voice.

“Oh, if only we could feel like that forever,” lamented Lauri.

Outwardly, I nodded.

But in my heart, a little voice whispered, “I still do.”

That’s what the strong, sure love of a father does for a little girl.

Because if her Daddy loves her, she must be lovable. She knows her worth -- and it's immeasurable.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. And Corey? Keep up the good work. I love what you're building.


  1. Very sweet and very true. We have an awesome dad who did a great job raising us. And Corey is doing a great job too!

    I just read your post to Luke and he teared up. He's become a really softy since we've had Silas. :)

  2. Thanks for the precious insight to a loving daddy.

  3. I love that! Very sweet post.

  4. A tender daddy is a precious gift, indeed! What a sweet story.

  5. I hope she always stays that way! (and you too!)

  6. I have an awesome Dad like that too... I have a feeling my husband will be the same way!

  7. What a huge blessing!

    She's adorable...may she never lose that assurance, from her earthly daddy and her heavenly one.