Do You Think It Could Happen Two Days In A Row?

Yesterday was a ridiculously productive day, even for a coffee-fueled, adrenaline-junkie like me.

To wit:
1. I dusted and vacuumed every room in my house.
2. Changed all the sheets and towels, which were then washed, dried, folded and put away.
3. Cleaned all the bathrooms.
4. Cleaned the kitchen and Swiffered the kitchen floors.
5. Folded and put away six loads of laundry. (These were clothes that had been washed over the weekend. Please note: This does not count the linens.) I also de-stained a few items of clothing that had sprouted a mysterious yellow stain during the washing process. Three or four scoops of Oxy-Clean and scalding hot water, and the stains were gone. I love it when a stain-removal plan comes together.
6. Made 5 dozen oatmeal M&M cookies. From scratch.
7. Played with the Teyla for long stretches at a time. Smiled at her gummy grin until my cheek muscles started to ache.
8. Dead-headed Corey's Father's Day hibiscus plant. Teyla helped, although I'm not sure the flowers she pulled off were past their prime.
9. Made chicken vegetable melt for dinner. From scratch.
10. Played Uno. Lost. Again.
11. Finished organizing the digital pictures I took in May, including approximately 1,345 pictures of Teyla. Uploaded the pictures to my digital file-sharing site.
12. Ate blackberry pie with Corey before bed.

And how in the world was I able to accomplish all this, you ask?

Simple: Connor and Natalie played outside with their neighborhood friends from 11:30 until 5:30.

There were no interruptions. No stops to break up fights. I didn't have to field any wails of "Mom, I'm bored!" or "Mom, I'm hungry!" or "Mom, I want to watch TV."

That has never happened before.

It was bliss.

Summer, I love you. Please don't ever leave me.


  1. SUCH a productive day!

    So, tell me, did your kids collapse about 7:30 and sleep the sound sleep of summer? In the summer, my kids fall asleep within minutes and sleep better than they do all year!

  2. I'm totally impressed. I dream of days like that.

  3. Very happy for you. And just a little jealous. But mostly happy.

  4. Oh, I had a similar day yesterday but nothing to show for it today! AH! The kids are back outside and I'm about to do some more decluttering!


  5. I wouldn't tempt fate if I were you! Grab a diet Coke and head for the patio with a book! Finally some nice weather around here!

  6. Two answer your question, no.

    I don't think it could happen two days in a row.

    But don't you LOVE it when good productive (I call them manic days) happen!??

    And, I must say, THAT is a lot of stuff you got done, there. Amazing.

  7. Can I have your autograph?!!

    That is amazing! Whew!

    My kids play outside all day but the only thing it gets me is two boys covered in mud which means more laundry and extra baths!! ;-)

  8. You go girl! I, on the other hand, less than you did...


  9. WOW! I am jealous. I have no energy. ZERO. It's 5pm and I'm ready for bed. You should read my post about my morning. I almost teared up when you mentioned 5 dozen cookies.
    Seriously, glad you had such a good day! I hope you get many, many more! :)

  10. That must be why my mom accomplished so much---keeping the house clean and clutter-free, sewing many of our clothes, baking, etc.

    During the summer, we were never home. We'd take off on our bikes in the morning, pop in for lunch and dinner, and be home by the time the mosquitos were getting serious.

  11. You are one amazing gal! I will just admire the productivity from afar and cheer.

  12. Kinda makes you want to move to somewhere where it always summer eh?

  13. Monday I watched the U.S. Open all morning and early afternoon between Tiger and Rocco. I also spent that time trying to figure out what "Widgets" and RSS Feeds are for blogs. Does my Monday put me in the running for mother of the year ??

  14. Three things:
    1) Wow. What a productive day.
    2) Chicken vegetable melt sounds delicious.
    3) I dream of the day the kids can play outside by themselves.

    What a great day!

  15. Can you come to my house? I'll even sacrifice my jaws and do the marathon baby-grinning while you are being so productive.

    Except they probably wouldn't play outside since it was 101. That's the 11th day this month it's been 100 or more.

  16. Isn't that great? I love when they play outside. It's so easy to get stuff done.

  17. Oh what I wouldn't give for a day like that! You ARE the Proverbs 31 woman!!

  18. Oh wow what a fantastic day! Good for you for making the best out of it instead of making the most of a box of bonbons or something. The food you made sounds yummy!

  19. SUPER MOM!!!!! (read that in "superman" voice over)

  20. I would say it also sounds like a day of "loving well." Good job, Girl. And yes, I did think of the Lady in Red song when I posted that!

  21. I am in SHOCK at how much you accomplished...then I read that your kids played outside all day. :)

    I remember the RARE days when Bubbalu would actually take long naps...I was so productive I shocked myself.

  22. FANTASTIC DAY! Oh, so impressed.

    I vote for eternal summer as well.

  23. Oh, I'm trying very, very hard not to be jealous!

    So, way to go!

  24. I'm a little tired just reading about it! Yawn . . . perhaps a nap is in order!


  25. I need you to bottle that and send it down to me! My house is falling apart and I can't get anything done with my kids around...I get interrupted at every turn! And when I send them out to play, I spend most of the time peering out the window to make sure they are still there, and okay!

  26. Seriously?? Seriously?? I'm in shock!! And 100% jealous!! It takes me all day to just do sheets and towels.

  27. I'm deeply impressed. I couldn't even achieve all that in a week.