My New Look

I cannot even tell you how twitchy I've been all day. Beth at Be Design has been working hard on my new look for at least a week now; she installed everything Sunday night. I was so excited to get online Monday morning and give her a shout-out (didn't she do a great job?) and welcome you to my fancy-shmancy new digs.

And then the baby didn't take her morning nap. And Connor, oft-neglected and freshly out of preschool, wanted to play games. And then my faux-OCD shifted into overdrive due to the copious amounts of hair I am shedding right now and DEMANDED that I clean the house immediately. (Seeing a virtual carpet of hair strands on the kitchen floor will to that to your faux-OCD. Duly noted.)

So here I am, at 10:30 PM, after most of you have already stopped by and admired the new do, and I'm just now getting around to welcoming you.


But that's real life, right? Sometimes, we invite people over and then the baby spits up on the outfit we wanted to wear and the phone rings and the dishwasher starts to spill frothy, greasy bubbles from its innards. It just happens. We roll with it.

Here's another example.

This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, yes? The kick-off to summer? Many of you posted about spending the holiday at the pool or the beach, enjoying the sun and the sounds of BBQ and laughing children.

Here in Minnesota, we enjoyed a decent Saturday. It was warm enough, at least, to encourage me to run to a local nursery and pick up the few plants I wanted to put in my pots.

(Please note: This was my garden last year.

And that was just for vegetables. I'm saving a few shots of the planting beds around our house for Lisa's Garden Tour on June 13.)

So this year I have no yard. (Moment of silence, please.) I'm relegated to putting a few precious plants in my prized Mexican blue pots.

I have two tomato plants. (Yes, I know they will be crowded. But I couldn't pick just one! Don't judge me.)

I have a pot of basil and chives...

...and another of cilantro and chocolate-mint.

Oh! And we have a maple tree on our deck. Technically, this is Corey's. He found this tree when it was just an teeny baby plant in the backyard of our old house. He planted it and loved it and cared for it, and when it came time to move, he couldn't leave it behind.

It's our love maple.

By the front door, I have these pots filled with purple fountain grass, two varieties of sweet potato vine and a couple of different wave petunias.

But look closer.

No, not at the petunias. (Although they are alluring. Hello, darlings.)

At the sweet potato vines.

Do they look a little ... funny to you?

Well, yes. That would be because our temperature this morning as 41 degrees! And we barely made it to 60 today.

Which -- and here's where I return to my original point -- just goes to show that life doesn't always go the way you planned. Sometimes, you plan for beauty and flair only to find your timing is a little off. So the orchestration goes awry. I've learned -- that's OK.

The best things in life often happen when you least expect them.


  1. Great blue pots!

    Sorry for the droopy plants. My newly transplanted perennials are sporting a similar sag.

    I'm glad we can brave all the blog posts of swim parties and sunscreen together. It will be our turn soon, really it will.

  2. It was cold here too yesterday! the herbs you planted, and also your container garden.

    And of course, I love your new blog design.

  3. Oh my gosh, your blog looks GREAT! I can't even look at the garden, I'm already too jealous of your blog. SO VERY JEALOUS.

    Hey, Beth, CALL ME.

  4. Oh, I love it!

    And I love your Mexican Pots. Jealous, actually.

    I'm with Rachel. Let's do a "it's our turn!" post.

  5. I LOVE the new look!! It is really fabulous. YAY Be Designs!

    I am so sorry it was so cold. I would gladly blow the hot breath of 90% humidity and ninety degree temps up your way it if I could. Your plants do look lovely though.

  6. Love your new "look!" I just got one, too!

    And I love your container garden. I think it is just beautiful. And I'll send you some Texas heat as quickly as I figure out how, LOL.

  7. Your new look is so fun, Kelly. I like it a lot! I'll have to stop by your designer's place and see what else she has.

    Cold and gloomy here yesterday, too. I haven't put any flowers out yet, but plan to this week. Hopefully yesterday was winter's last attempt!

  8. Container gardens on the deck rock! We plant lettuce in ours, and tomatoes, and petunias. We also have one planting trough full of strawberry plants.

  9. Oh, and my children had a pet maple tree once, also. It's seed fell into one of the empty pots on the deck, and they became very attached to it.

  10. Love the new look!

    And by the way, container gardening ROCKS! You'll see mine during the Garden Tour...

  11. Love your new look and love your plants! Especially the little maple.

  12. Couldn't have said it better myself and the blog design ROCKS!

  13. The new design is great!

    Your containers are so pretty. Can't wait to see the rest at Gardenfest!!

  14. Your love maple!! Is that like a love fern?

  15. Lovely post and I really like the new design. I especially like the question under your title. So true. It doesn't matter what I do, so much as my intent for doing it--love.

    It's "cold" here as well.

  16. Okay, I'm back to confess that we did break out the baby pool on Sunday. And, that cold here isn't really that cold.

    Hoping summer weather heads your way soon.

  17. Love the new look, and am envious that you've got your act together enough to have things growing.

  18. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new digs! Everything looks awesome!
    And wow....those fabulous blue pots are so cheerful...especially the one by your front door.
    I so do not have a green thumb, but I hear that everything grows well in Washington...we'll see.
    That love maple is precious!

  19. I absolutely love your new design!! It's YOU and that is the greatest compliment I can possibly give. :))

  20. I absolutely love your new design! Yeah!!!

  21. Love love love those blue pots!!

    And since this is the "official grand opening," I'll tell you again that your blog is adorable. Those clothespins are too cute! And the pictures are simply P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S. Sigh.

    (Although I'm thinking that Blogs I Love to Read is a bit sparse. . . . or maybe not! LOL)

  22. Wow! I absolutely LOVE your new look!

    Love your beautiful blue garden pots! Gorgeous! (Sorry about the cold temps!) That "love maple" is precious! = )

  23. I just came across your blog I don't know what it looked like before, but I love the way it looks now!

    Those blue pots of yours are beautiful!

    Wishing you lots of warm weather.

  24. I LOVE the new blog look! It's very welcoming and fun! Yeah!

  25. love the new design and the pictures of all your plantings.

  26. I forgot to mention the new look after your last post, but it's great! I love it well.



    Someone just gave me a potted chocolate mint plant today, coincidentally. What do you use it for? Desserts?

  27. "The best things in life often happen when you least expect them."

    I have two little girls that prove this theory. :)

  28. I love your new look!!

    By the way, stop by my place for seomething else you could add to your new digs. ;0)