Little One

Tell me - how does one resist a sleeping baby?

No. Seriously. I need to know. Especially when the sun is setting and her freshly washed body, clothes in polka-dot terrycloth pajamas, sinks into my chest and sighs with trust and her rosebud mouth snuffles out moist puffs of sweet breath onto my neck.

Her skin is satin, fresh from heaven.

She smells like perfection.

And the toes. Oh my word, the toes. I could kiss them all day and never tire of them.

And when she smiles?

God's glory shines through.

How can I bear this sweetness, this innocence, this joy?

Little one. You are grace defined.

Jesus, keeper of this life
You are my refuge, my savior, my guide
Watch over this little one tonight
Guard her every footstep as she travels this life
And in some quiet moment, draw her to your side
So she will come to know you, Jesus
As the keeper of this life

(Lyrics from "The Keeper," written by Geoff Moore and Steven Curtis Chapman; pictures by Kari Layland, January 2008)


  1. Oh my goodness Kelly, She is so precious. I get the toes thing, I love them and the smell of a baby.... there is nothing like it. The moments go by so fast, don't they.

  2. I wish I could get me one of those! Mine are all grown and gangley! Lovely photos!

  3. Oh my goodness, that was sweet. I've forgotten how much I love that song too!

  4. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful baby, Kelly! Each picture was sweeter than the one before. You are truly one blessed Mama! =)

  5. Kelly, she is a little slice of Heaven right here on earth!
    What a blessing in your arms.:)

    Oh, and those toes!...So yummy!:)

    God Bless,

  6. Those are beyond sweet. And I agree with baby toes. And baby cheeks. And baby everything. Precious, precious moments. How quickly they fly.

  7. Wow! So beautiful. Both of you!

  8. I almost put my hand through my screen trying to feel the fuzziness of that baby hair. Sweetness.

  9. Well that choked me up. :)

    I found your blog a couple weeks ago via the Compassion blog. We're having Baby #3 in a couple months (a girl) and this post made me all the more excited to finally meet her!

  10. Oh my!! What sweet pictures!! I can't wait for my new little one to get here! Baby feet... I just can't get enough!

  11. Beautiful pictures, beautiful post.

  12. Wow....absolutely lovely. There is nothing sweeter, is there? The picture of the two of you is beyond precious.

  13. Oh my word - nothing sweeter. Stop! You're going to make me want another one.

  14. Oh she is absolutely amazing. What beautiful pictures, too... they will be such a treasure when she is running around with the others, and you forget how still and snuggly they are at first.

  15. SWEEEEEET, sweet little one. Made my uterus do flip-flops. :-)

  16. What a touching post. I think I'm going to go now and watch Baby Bug sleep.

  17. Oh how beautiful!

    I'm getting ready to go put mine in the bath. It is a favorite time for both of us.

  18. Jordan misses Teyla and he can't wait to see her again !!!!

  19. What a beautiful mom and baby! Seriously!

    Makes me all the more excited to have a new tiny person of my own in my house. Will you come pose with him so my pictures can look like yours? Yours are perfect. But it's not the pictures, it's that perfect baby! Those toes. That smile. How do you get anything done for just sitting and staring at her all day?

  20. Oh wow! Those were beautiful! And, I just love all her hair. My 3rd little guy had that much hair and now he's 7. He's got pretty cool hair now...and still a bunch of it!!

    Have a great day!