"Relaxing" Clothes ... And I Don't Mean Sweats

A few weeks ago, Corey returned from a conference with this adorable outfit for Teyla.

It was a gift from some good friends who were also at the conference.

Did you notice the cute little mouse ears on the hood?

And the sweet polka dots on the cuffs?

Baby girl clothes are something of an addiction for me. And this outfit is simply too cute. I love it.

Teyla does too, apparently, because she always -- always -- bestows a blessing upon it within a few hours of putting it on.

Seriously. (Sorry! I'm seeking treatment.)

The girl has never had a blow-out in any other outfit. But this one? It apparently causes her intestinal system to turn into Mount Vesuvius.

Natalie had a similar quirk. When she was young and Corey and I were still jet-setting across the country at will (I think she was on 25 flights before she turned one), she would invariably have a blow-out during take-off. It got to be so predictable, I wouldn't even put a cute outfit on her for the first leg of our trip, because I knew it was going to be changed on the plane anyway.

(For the record, here's a picture of Natalie and me, on her first flight, just minutes away from her first take-off blow-out. Precious memories.)

Corey and I had all sorts of theories about what triggered this phenomenon. The changing air pressure during ascent? (Which, if true, doesn't bode well for us during The Rapture.) The corny jokes from the Southwest flight attendants? (For the record, I adore Southwest.) The bad coffee at the San Jose airport?

We never did figure it out. And now we're dealing with The Predictable Relaxing of the Bowels, Part 2.

Any theories?


  1. I know exactly what causes it. You are so in love with this outfit, and even moreso with Teyla in this adorable outfit, that the pressure in your house changes from the increased endorphins mommy is experiencing. It's like the fairmones that dogs can sense. So, Teyla "relaxes", because she feels so loved.

    Makes perfect sense to me.

  2. You are so funny! You're babies are so cute!
    God Bless!

  3. Whoever figured out the Law of Gravity did not have a baby anywhere near them. I still remember when my then-3-month-old had a practically vertical blow-out nearly to his neck.

    Gee, "thanks" for the memories!

    To quote a friend of ours, "when you have a little baby, you never know when you're gonna need to take a shower."

  4. Oh I remember the blowouts well. Yuck! Love that coat with the little ears.

    (I just saw your comment over at A Familiar Path about the dog poop...it sounds like we need to hear about that traumatizing event.) :)

  5. She is adorable. ADORABLE.


  6. My husband was great with our daughter when she was a baby..except for changing poopy diapers. It made him nauseous. Every Sunday when I went grocery shopping and left her alone with him she would fill her pants within the first ten minutes I was gone. He claims it was a conspiracy.

  7. Too funny.

    My baby girl consistently blows out in one particular sleeper. I think she knows how much I like it and finds it quite funny. She is quite easy in every other way, so I'll let it slide for now. :)