Spunk is a highly valued commodity in our household.

You might have noticed that.

Fortunately for him, my husband is irresistible -- in a dark, exotic, Vulcan kind of way. So no, he didn’t sleep on the couch – or, worse, in the nursery – after his little hijacking last week. I just grinned at his obvious delight and mentally filed away my newest “get out of jail free” card.

It's been this way ever since we met. Corey and I are both feisty, affectionate people. Our style of relating to each other is not for the timid or the thin-skinned. We delight in the duel of wits, and nothing sparks laughter between us like a joke well played or a line perfectly delivered.

A few weeks ago, I came downstairs after putting the kids to bed to find that the screen door leading to our deck was only half closed. The glass door was shut, so there was no real danger. But the screen, on the other side of the glass, had been left half open.

Danger Will Robinson! Danger! My faux-OCD tendencies went into overdrive.

I headed straight for the door, with the intent of shutting the screen all the way and thus realigning the very universe.

I also happened to look, out of the corner of my eye, at my husband, who was making coffee nearby.

He was smirking.

My direct route to the door took a detour so I could flick him on the back of his head.

He told me that he had shifted the door on purpose just to see how long it would take me to notice. He figured it would take about one minute.

It took me about 5.8 seconds.


So this relationship, that's full of pizazz and humor and wit? It works for us.

And what a gift the laughter has been.

When I look back over our 15 years, I see that the laughter that drew us together initially is also what held us together during the dark years. Even when our marriage was dry and dusty, even when we weren't communicating on any level, even when we saw each other 10 hours a week, we laughed together. We always laughed.

We didn't listen. We didn't love. We certainly didn't like.

But we laughed. It was a powerful bond.

God knew what He was doing.

I'm in awe of His good gifts.

Even when they hijack my blog.

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.
Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them."
- Psalm 126:2


  1. I love this post!
    My husband and I also share laughter. It has kept us connected through dark times too.

    I also like "things" around the house to be "in order".

    For example the window blinds....He will purposely close one window's set of blinds and leave the connecting set open.......I don't like this........5.8 seconds later, I have taken care of the problem.:) (He will be laughing in the corner as this event takes place.)
    Then he will grin at me and ask, "OCD much?":)

    Have a blessed day, and thanks for sharing this.

  2. This post speaks to all that is precious in marriage ordained and preserved by God. You're writing my heart. This was my Monday morning pick me up. Thanks.

  3. God is amazing when He puts two people together that work together perfectly! Laugh on!

  4. God is so good!! I am so thankful that God gave me someone who loves to laugh with (& at!!) me.

    It sounds like you have a wonderful partner in crime!!

  5. Amen!!

    I love the secret little jokes that crack us up, time and again, and mean nothing to those around us. Laughing with my husband is truly the highlight of every day. So glad you noticed the door ajar right away and re-aligned the universe. :-)

  6. You two were definitely made for each other. Laughter is such an important part of any relationship!

  7. I love this post!

    My husband is a funny guy, and he tells my kids all the time that he loves to hear "their mom" laugh. Believe me, he's always doing something to draw it out of me too! Laughter is a bright spot in our marriage too!

  8. We've talked before about sarcasm being our love language in my house...

    You two are hilariously adorable. :)

  9. Too cute! What fun to read and know the love and laughter in your house. The little things like that...turns out they aren't so little after all, hmm?

    Thanks for the peek!

  10. Wonderful post - and it really reminds me of my relationship, too, although my husband never plays pranks on me, since pranks make me cry.

  11. This was such a great post! Laughter is really the best medicine.
    Our OCD is one in the same!

  12. GREAT post, Kelly!
    Love it. Can't relate to your OCD-ness... but I can live vicariously through you.
    And what a great tribute to laughter. Makes me want to go play a joke on my hubby.

  13. Awww..

    You two sound like that couple that everybody else secretly wants to be :-) Isn't God good when He works out a relationship like that?

  14. My husband leaves cupboard doors open for me to close for the exact same reason.

    We have a very playful vibe in our house. With six kiddos and a ca-razy dog, it's hard not to. I don't know how many times I've had to leave the dinner table because someone said something so hilarious that I had to lie down on the floor in a ball (or go to the bathroom).

    It's gift, something to treasure for sure. I love reading about your relationship with your husband. If you can run the gamut of emotions with your spouse, then you are in good shape no matter what life brings.

  15. How fun are you two?! It would be so fun to be a fly on the wall at your house. Which although it couldn't get in through the glass door, could certainly get in through a half-open screen door. He'd better not pull that stunt this summer!

    I love your relationship, and the fact that your kids are no doubt picking up on the balm of humor. What a gift.

  16. Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun with each other, and what would life be like without laughter?

  17. dear Kelly,
    It's just so fun to make a new friend!
    It was a delight discovering and reading your blog tonight. I hope to visit again (if you don't mind)!

    Thanks for the smiles:-)


  18. I so get you on this.

    Life is hard. You need someone who will point out the funnies in the midst of the pain.

    And humor covers a multitude of sins.

    Does your husband try and make you laugh when you are mad at him? Mine does. No matter HOW p-o'd I am, he ALWAYS succeeds. He thinks I am not looking at him because I am too mad to, but it is really because I know if I do I will start laughing and then my argument will be blown!

  19. Thanks for the reflection! Was afraid my husband and I were hopelessly abnormal . . . so glad to know we're not alone is this world.