I'm a Mom

Last night was one of those nights.

Teyla, bless her little stuffed-up nose, has come down with a cold. (Her first cold. I must remember to take a picture for the scrapbook.) (Yes, that was a joke.) She woke up every 90 minutes or so, all snuffles and snot and gasps for air.

I used the booger sucker at one point, which was an absolute delight. I think I missed Booger Sucker 101 in the new parents class, because I never seem to get much with those things. My yield is not worth the effort involved.

Plus, every time I stumbled back to bed, I had to figure out a new way to lay so I didn't twist my wrists. The carpal tunnel I developed during the end of the pregnancy hasn’t gone away yet. In fact, it’s getting worse. On a normal night, my tingling hands wake me up a lot more than Teyla.

All that to say – I’m tired today. I’d love sneak in a nap, although I doubt that’s going to happen. I should be grumpy and snappy and pouty.

But, miracle of miracles, I’m not.

First and foremost, I think that’s the grace of God. The lessons He’s teaching me right now make it darn near impossible to throw a decent pity party.

But I also think it’s because I’m still in love with this role of motherhood. Even on the worst days – or the worst nights, as the case may be -- I’m incredibly humbled to have this calling.

I came across this song yesterday, thanks to Amy’s Humble Musings. It’s a comical take on all the grief mothers put up with. But in the end? It just made me thankful.

Yes, my first occupation does sound like a sweet vacation at times. When the kids are fighting, and the baby is crying, and I haven’t slept more than six hours in the last two nights, and I really, really just want to chill at Starbuck’s for the afternoon, producing the 5 o’clock news during sweeps month sounds like a cake walk.

But I’m rational enough to know that’s just a momentary emotion.

Lord, thank you for making me a Mom. And give me the strength to keep going today. There’s no way I could do this without You.

(For a more eloquent and less sleep-deprived take on parenthood, check out John Piper’s thoughts today. Beautiful and meaty.)


  1. Motherhood--the hardest thing I've ever done as well as the best thing I've ever done and the only thing I could ever do. A privilege and a challenge all wrapped up in profound blessing. Only God's grace!

    P.S. Tag, you're it!

  2. I'm going to share this post with a friend of mine, who is pregnant with her 3rd & having a rough time. I think the video will give her a much-needed laugh!

  3. Yes, that was the song & video I needed to hear and see. When I think of all the years I didn't want to be a mom followed closely by all the years I would have given my heart to be a mom--sum total: priceless gift that God condescended to allow me to be a MOM. Hope you all will be feeling better soon.

  4. Thanks for the honest and uplifting post. It can be so hard at times, but He does give us what we need each day.

  5. I adore being a mother. But from time to time, someone reminds me just how much.



  6. I throughly enjoy your blog!
    You seem to have a wonderful family. I loved the video.
    Thanks for taking time to share.

  7. Thank you so much for those words. In a world where complaining seems to be the norm and "where can I dump my kids" is the battle cry of many moms...that was uplifting.

    Being a mom is a blessing. Even on the worst days.

    You have a wonderful heart that comes across so clearly in your writing.

  8. Ohhh I so agree with Lisa the hardest and best. Those sick nights are rough!

  9. HI Kelly, oooh, how I remember the years you are in ... but great memories. And I agree, no time or room for pity parties.

    I remember trying to squeeze in a quick snooze out in the sun. Ahhhh!

  10. RE: Tithing Guest Post

    Am looking forward to it!

  11. Honey...I was amazing at the booger sucker thingy...if I was a little closer, I'd come get it all out for ya! :)

  12. Colds must be going around - our household is afflicted now ;-(

  13. Try brewer's yeast supplements (you can get them in tablet form). It is essentially tiny amounts of B-complex in an extremely bioavailable form (as opposed to synthetic B-complex, which is not used as efficiently by your body). Good for energy, good for carpal tunnel (some theory has it that it is a B-6 deficiency in pregnant mothers that triggers the syndrome).