April Fool's

Guess what I saw outside my window this morning?

Ha! April Fool's!

Gotcha, didn't I?

Oh. Wait.
That really is what's outside my window.

And my patio window.

And my car window.

Guess the joke is on me.

(Insert maniacal laughter here.)

But it's OK. Because it's April now. Even eight inches of sloppy, wet snow in Minnesota can't last with the sun at this angle. (Sorry; my inner meteorologist is hard to repress during times of extreme weather.) So I'm not going to dwell.

Instead, let's talk about April Fool's Day. In particular, let's talk about April Fool's Day 1994.

My husband and I had been married 11 months. We had just moved to Phoenix, and I was working as a food server at TGI Friday's. (I still have my flair in a box somewhere. I loved working at Friday's. Which may or may not surprise you.)

Because my schedule didn't necessitate normal hours (read: I didn't have to get up early -- ever), I was still sleeping at 9:30 in the morning when my telephone rang. Disoriented and groggy (facts I feel compelled to stress), I answered the phone.

Me: "Hello?"

Phone voice: "Hello. Is this Kelly @ Love Well?"

Me: "I think so."

Phone voice: "Hi Kelly. This is Larry. I show here that you recently bought a '94 Geo Prizm from such-and-such dealership, is that correct?"

Me, waking up: "Yes."

Phone voice: "I'm really sorry to tell you this, Kelly, but Geo is issuing a complete recall on your Prizm model. Apparently, the engine can explode without warning, which can be a bit of a problem, as you might imagine."

Me, definitely waking up: "Yes, I can see that."

Phone voice: "The recall is just now being released to the media, to get the word out. But we wanted to personally call as many Prizm owners as we can so you would know -- under no condition are you to drive the car until the repair has been made. We just don't want to take any chance."

Me: "Umm. OK."

Phone voice: "So this is what we'd like you to do. Because we want to expedite these repairs and get your car back to you in working order, we'd like you to pull your car out to the curb and leave it there for the day. We'll send a tow truck to get it and take it to the dealership where the repairs can be made. Can you do that?"

Me, starting to get skeptical: "So you want me to drive the dangerous car out of my garage and...."

Phone voice, interrupting: "Yes, we feel safe in having you drive it to the curb. But you should not drive it any further."

Me, mental wheels spinning: "OK. Well, I work at noon today. How am I going to get to work?"

Phone voice: "We'll reimburse you for a cab."

Me: "Um. OK. ... Actually, Larry, I just woke up. Can I call you back in a few minutes and finalize these arrangements?"

I hung up the phone, my hand slightly shaking. I wasn't sure what had just happened.

My brand new, pretty green Geo Prizm could explode? And this wasn't on the news yet?!?

Or -- could this just be an elaborate scam? Maybe a gang of car thieves has somehow gotten a hold of the new car registration records, and they're looking for idiots to pull their cars to the curb so they can swipe them with a tow truck and take them to Mexico.

I immediately dialed the number for Corey's work. At the time, he worked with a lot of people in the car financing industry. If this was a real recall, he'd for sure know something about it -- or at least have some contacts who could verify it for me.

Corey: "Hello?"

Me: "Hi honey. I just got the weirdest phone call. (Insert dramatic re-telling here.) Do you know anything about this?"

Corey: "No. I haven't heard a thing. That's really strange. Let me call Bob at the dealership and ask, and oh, by the way, April Fool's."

Me: "Yes, call Bob and ... (long pause). I hate you."

Phone slams down.

I sit and stare out the window for a minute then redial.

Corey, laughing: "Yes?"

Me: "Oh, and don't bother coming home tonight."

Phone slams down again.

I found out later, "Larry" was really one of Corey's employees, who had been drafted into the plot by my loving husband. He had made the call to me from his office -- so I wouldn't hear any familiar sounds or voices in the background. When he got off the phone with me, he walked into Corey's office -- where Corey and all his employees were waiting -- and said, "Expect a call from your wife any minute now." And, right on cue, Corey's phone rang with little old me on the other end.

So not only did Corey get me. But he got me in front of his whole office who was in on the scheme.

Inwardly, I was both laughing -- because, dang, that was good -- and gnashing my teeth -- because I'm not normally so gullible.

Please tell me I'm not alone in my shame and desire for revenge this April Fool's Day. Have you ever fallen for a April Fool's Day prank? Or have you pulled one that worked?

Me? I'm still waiting for my revenge, 14 years later. I'm open -- oh so very open -- to suggestions.


  1. Oh my... that's one heck of a prank. I would not have been happy either. Erg...

  2. that's so funny. i've never done anything that good for april fool's.

  3. Of course, since he reads your blog. . . .I'm surprised he hasn't been here already to hijack it or comment! Guess he knows better!

    That was cruel and cold. He better have come through with a really great gift for your first anniversary a month later!

    And speaking of cold. . . MORE SNOW?!!! Yuck-ola!!

  4. Oh my!! I don't think I've ever been on the giving or receiving end of a prank like that. Thank goodness!!

  5. I'm expecting a comment from your husband any minute now...

    That is hilarious, Kelly@LoveWell. He got you good! I can't claim anything that good.

    We woke up to an inch of sparkling snow this morning, but it's gone and beautiful outside. Colorado is the place to be... just sayin'.

  6. Okay Kelly...you know, YOU KNOW, that I adore you.

    But my favorite blog hubby Corey TOTALLY gets a high five on that one! That was INSPIRED! LOL

    As for getting him back? That's one only a day of revenge shopping on his credit card can top.

  7. Oh my that was so funny. Every year my husband short sheets our bed and every year I fall for it...I'm not sure why I would fall for it because not only does he do it every year, but it is the only day of the year he makes the best. This year baby, I'm ready!

  8. I saw your link on rocks in my dryer and I hopped over. That is probably one of the funniest things I have ever heard of being done on April Fools. Thanks for reliving that again for us.

  9. What a snot. Get him with the good ole fake pregnancy joke. Works like a charm. Watch him sweat...

    At least you didn't call the dealership to find out!

  10. yeah. i visit my hometown during the snowiest two weeks. it was a beautiful easter morning, though! the slushy stuff, i could have done without. fortunately, we flew back to maryland this morning with no delays! happy shoveling! ha ha

  11. Can't help you in the revenge department...but the story was priceless!

  12. Oh, that rascal! That's quite a classic! (Hope he did something really nice to make it up to you...) = )

  13. Hahaha! Funny! The first year we we're married hubby came home (on April 1st) and planted a big one on me.. a few seconds later I realized that he had oragel on his lips!!

  14. That is HI-larious. Glad my hubby's not that creative :)

  15. That was AWESOME!

    There was the time, that April 1998 when the twins were 13 months old and Elliot was still 2, that I called Donn at work with the dread words...Honey? I think I might be pregnant...with twins again!

    It worked, but I should have strung him along a little better. I started giggling too soon. Your husband was smart to get someone else involved.

  16. oh, you have to respect that.

    The only time I can recall falling for an April Fools was when I was teaching, and my principal sent out an email to all the staff saying that we would be required to begin wearing uniforms. The TEACHERS. I totally fell for it. I was so furious. It was impressive.

  17. funny...I got taken 3 times that day. Me. Queen of skepticism.
    The pilot of my flight back home (to which I was extreemly late due to my first connection) told me I'd already missed the flight to so-and-so, this was the flight to Columbus. ha.
    Then my MIL who we gave our dog to left a message on my phone stating I should call her, they have to give the dog back. When I call, my husband's NINTEY YEAR OLD BLIND GRANDMOTHER (I suppose the fact that she's blind doesn't matter since I'm calling her, but still...)answers the phone and says Judy is out, but if I called she was supposed to tell me April Fools'. Double ha.
    Then, the previously shady developer of our extreemly failing neighborhood stuck a for sale sign in his yard at which point I immediatly called my husband and told him that was it. we were moving. The next day he sent out an email saying it was an april fools joke. ha. ha. ha.
    Next year I'm taking my revenge!!!!