Eight Weeks Old

I love being a Mom. Absolutely love it.

The irony of this is not lost on me, as having children was never on my wish list. Thankfully, God is in control and not my 25-year-old self. (It's also a good thing said self was never given a glimpse into the future, as she would probably have died from shock had she seen me enjoying life as a stay-at-home-mom, which she considered the ultimate dead-end job. Although she probably would have envied my cooking skills a little.)

All that to say, I've relished the last eight weeks. Teyla has completely stolen my heart. Her little face brings a smile to mine even at 3:30 in the morning.

Let's get right to the update, shall we?

Developmentally, Teyla is right on track. Her neck is freakishly strong. She could hold her head up at one week of age, as could Connor and Natalie. She can focus on objects and track them when they move. (I say when not if, because ... ummm ... have you met Connor?) She can stand on our laps and support her own weight, and she turns her head in response to sounds, especially our voices.

But by far the coolest milestones of this last month have been the cooing and the smiling.

Want to see?!?

Here's a picture of her big smile. It's a little blurry and dark, but it's hard to use a flash five inches from a baby's face and still have a happy baby. Go figure.

Here are a few more shots of the happiness. Notice the double chin. That cracks me up.

And the cooing? Oh. My. Word. She coos at me, I coo back, she breaks into a huge smile and coos again. It's at this point that I have to stop and mop my heart off the floor where it's just melted into a huge, gooey puddle of sap.

Wanna see this too? Here's a clip. (I love the Internet.)

And really, that's like caveman talk compared to the cooing she can do now. We're talking full-blown conversations here. I think she's even starting to say an infant form of "Dude!"

Personality wise, she's an easy-going, happy baby.

Unless you have the audacity to put her in her car seat.

Don't believe me?

Oh yes. The cry of the tortured child. Maligned. Rejected. Forced to sit in a warm, soft pocket of fleece while I drive her sister to and from school. Poor thing.

But aside from the car seat, Teyla is remarkably content. She's settled into a tiny rhythm. She wakes, eats, plays and then goes back to sleep in roughly three- or four-hour intervals. At night, she sleeps in four- or five-hour chunks -- which is completely do-able for me.

Tangent alert , but many of you have asked how I'm doing with the sleep deprivation. My answer? What sleep deprivation? Consider, if you will, that I worked the overnight shift at the TV station for more than two years. Two. Years. I went to work at 11:00 PM, returned home around 9:00 or 10:00 AM and tried to sleep while the San Diego sunshine poured in my windows. (Yes, I had blinds, but the San Diego sun scoffs at blinds.) I rarely got more than four hours of sleep before I gave up and started mainlining coffee. It was a miserable existence.

By the end of my two years, I was so utterly exhausted, I fantasized about driving my car into a tree on the way to work just so I could sleep for a few hours in the hospital. I spent most of my weekend hours sobbing to my husband that I couldn't go on. "I'm just so tired," I would wheeze and moan. I totally understand why sleep deprivation works as a torture technique.

So waking once or twice a night to spend 30 minutes feeding a tiny baby doesn't even phase me.

There. That's my tough-as-nails moment for the day.

Moving on.

Teyla's favorite activity is probably her nightly bath. (Double chin + spit-up = nightly bath.) I think she's fascinated by the water. As soon as I lower her in, she turns her head to the side, opens her mouth and licks at the water. Cracks me up every time.

Hmmm. This is turning into a really long post. Maybe I should speed this up.

Teyla prefers to sleep in her own bed, versus my bed, the car seat (noted), the swing or any other contraption. This is in stark contrast to my other children, who would sleep anywhere but the crib.

Her favorite way to be lulled into dreamland is to have Mom or Dad walk the halls while holding her close. Favorite lullaby? Skinnamarinkidinkidink.

(No, a cat didn't just walk across my keyboard. Just click on the link.)

(And if you seriously think I would consider letting a cat in my house again -- sorry Queen B -- you are way beyond help. Someday, I'll share my cat stories, and you will understand.)

And finally, if you were to meet Teyla and me in the grocery store today, chances are good you say one of two things. ("Aren't you Kelly from Love Well?!?" isn't one of them.)

Either, "Oh my word, that baby is so tiny." Because she is still really small. Even with double chins.

Or "Oh my goodness, that baby has a ton of hair!"

And that, my friends, is indisputable.

Until next month.


  1. This is a perfectly marvelous update. She is the sweetest of sweets.

    I had a car seat screamer as well. Just mentioning getting into the car would cause paroxysmal sobs. And yes, those days do come to an end as well.

  2. She's sweet. And WOW - hair.

    When my Wendy was that age, whenever we'd put her in the car seat, she'd get what we called "Arm-Flinging Mad." Her face would turn purple and she'd scream, waving her arms up and down to puncuate the screams.

  3. Awwwww, I love baby coos! She's so cute, mama!

  4. Oh my goodness, you make me miss the baby stage, and mine is only 18mos. But not that much... She is very precious.

  5. Oh, I remember those "conversations." The best thing ever...

  6. Beautiful.


  7. Love, love, love all the picture updates. Teyla is so precious!

  8. Oh my. Sweetness defined. It all made me smile except for hearing her wail. :-(

    That last picture is adorable.

    I just wanna kiss those cheeks! (After the spit-up-removing bath!)

    And I sang skinnamarinkadink every night for YEARS!!!! Still do occasionally!

    But I did almost quit reading when you said you are 25. Good grief.
    I feel so old.

    (I like to pretend I'm not since I still have relatively young kids, but lo, I married late.) Sigh.

  9. Oh she is a cutie!! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love me a cooing baby!

  10. she is so cute. both of my daughters had tons of dark hair too. it was crazy.

  11. That hair is Fab! Sounds like you are having a great time!

  12. SO adorable.

    My youngest hated the car seat too.

  13. Oh my gosh, she is so cute. Little baby hands and feet and cheeks and tiny baby noises. SO CUTE. I may be dying from the cute over here.

    I'm officially baby hungry. My husband does not thank you.

  14. Okay, I reread it. Now I get it. We can still be friends. :-)

  15. Thank you for such a fun post!!! Precious. She is adorable. The cooing really is the sweetest thing ever. And her hair!!!

    I am just going to play that every once in a while to get my baby fix if you don't mind.

    I totally get the cat thing. Wait til you see Oliver's new picture. But I can't wait to hear your cat stories!!!

  16. What a beautiful little girl! I love that smile! You are truly blessed!

    And I can totally relate about the having kids. I never felt like I was put here on Earth to have children. However, now that I do, I can't imagine life without them!

  17. You are such a good writer and have a very beautiful baby. My kids loved the videos, but were very concerned with the crying one.ha! I love visiting your blog!

  18. If I saw you in the grocery store, I would know it was you and I would say "She is the most gorgeous little thing!"
    Those coos are precious! Even the cries are precious. You are blessed!

  19. The last photo is my favorite. Love the double chin. I think you have a princess in your household! :)

  20. You gotta love all that hair. And her smile is so adorable. What a sweetie!

  21. Oh my goodness! Teyla is just adorable! I really enjoyed watching the videos of her! And you are right, that hair is amazing! Got any bows yet??
    Enjoy this time...I'm sure you know how fast it flies!

  22. Oh, I can tell your heart is overflowing. And really, that sleep deprivation story was SO sweet. No one ever says, "Aw, this isn't so bad." But you did. And that is very refreshing. And amazing. We spent years, literally years, watching Sharon, Lois and Bram sing Sinnamarinkydinkydink. It is a code song in our house now. You almost made me cry.

  23. I loved your beginning. Yeah, my 20 year old self would sneer at me--except that she would be amazed at the deep contentment I feel.
    Teyla is adorable! LOVE that hair, and the double chin too!

  24. I spent thirteen years in television. I understand your exhaustion. Your daugher is absolutely beautiful. Every time I look at a baby, I think "miracle".

  25. Very sweet post!:)
    Beautiful baby too!

  26. What a cutie!

    I like your blog by the way. I'm also the mama of there, my youngest is five weeks. She is a fan of the bath as well.

    Sorry about the car seat thing, my son was the easiest baby except for in the car seat. He would scream bloody murder from the moment we put him in until we took him out. Road trips were such fun.

  27. oh, pumpkin. I wish blogs were scratch and sniff!! I want to sniff her.

    I remember with my first two, every month I would go "This is THE cutest stage." Then the next month, "THIS is the CUTEST stage." Finally I realized that it just keeps getting better and better.

    At least for the first couple of years ;)

    xo Mis

  28. She is adorable. She has more hair than all three of my kids had until they were two (okay, the youngest is only 9 months but she's following suit) COMBINED.

    LOVE the baby smile shots!!

  29. hee hee hee....please tell me you sing sikdamarinkidinkidink in the same smultzy way those men do. (My mom used to sing that song to me. :o) You don't by chance know "Froggie went a courtin'" do you?