Things Like This Should Be Outlawed

Did anyone else see the story on CNN about the new torture device being used at Guantanamo Bay? It looks something like this.

I hear it can break a prisoner in less than one minute. It's that painful. Even if they were sleeping peacefully before they were strapped in.

Rumor says, it's even worse than the stuff they pass off as "food." (This is a old photo; I'm not sure they're doing this to the new prisoners at this point.)

Cruel, cruel world. But what do you expect from people who think this is funny?

Parents. Sadists.

I smell a Congressional hearing.


  1. Yep, parents are just mean. My 17 month old daughter is to the point that she gets mad when we get her out of the car if she's sleeping. Like we're just supposed to leave her in there...?

  2. Too funny! Thanks for a Friday morning smile!

  3. Oh that poor little thing. Can't you just drop everything and hold her all day so she never cries? I would.

  4. Too funny!!

    We parents really are a little warped though, aren't we?

  5. You have the cutest babies, tortured or not!

  6. I'm not a parent, and I thought this was hilarious! Way funny! Lemons and little kids . . . great combination!


  7. You're funny. But I am not sure if the carseat is more of a torture device for the baby or for the parent! I hate those things!!! And, by the way, I just read through your previous two posts and they are beautiful.