Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have A Belly Button

Teyla's umbilical cord fell off Friday. It only took three weeks and two days for her to reveal her belly button, which means she wins the Umbilical Cord Contest hands down.

I don't know why, but it took forever for our other kids umbilical cords to go. In fact, Natalie's hung around so long -- by clinging to a thread of gooey cord that wouldn't dry up no matter how much alcohol I poured onto her tummy -- that I ended up cutting it off with a pair of toenail clippers. Because it was beginning to smell.

Decaying umbilical cord. That's a scent no one imagines.

Anyway. Here's Teyla's newly revealed belly button.

And for those of you thinking, "Oh my word. She's posting pictures of her baby's belly button for crying out loud! Get a grip, woman!" I hear you. I just don't care.

It's my blog, and I'll blog what I want to.

Be thankful I can't post scents.

(Coming later this week: Pictures of Teyla where she's not crying. I promise.)

Updated to add: I forgot to mention how thrilled Connor and Natalie were by this development. They loathed the umbilical cord with a loathing normally reserved for scorpions and Swamp Things.

"Ewww! Get rid of it, Mom!" they pleaded when they helped me change Teyla's diaper for the first time. "It's disgusting!"

I was actually afraid to leave her with them for too long, lest one of them try to pull it off by hand. So Teyla's belly button? It's a good thing for my kids. It means the terrifying reign of the umbilical cord is over.

Until next time.



  1. Absolutely fantastic! I get the belly button post. I'm with you! And I'm glad you can't pass on the scent! Any of them, well- except that good baby smell! That'd be blogworthy!

    Waiting for more pics . . .

  2. What a cutie. You post whatever you wish. Looking forward to new pictures.

  3. Ummm...seriously?

    "Decaying umbilical cord."

    You have 50 million exceptional pictures of my beautiful little daughter, and you're blogging about scents I prefer not recalling?

    Don't make me hijack your blog to put up pictures that do justice to the sweetest little bundle born since 10.15.03!

  4. Oh my, the umbilical cord I always hated. Glad it is gone and that Teyla doesn't risk being taken over by big siblings so they can remove it. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  5. The only pictures I posted of my little guy the first few months of his life were of him sleeping. Because that is all he did. :-)

  6. It's not like you posted pictures of what fell off :-) Too cute!

  7. One of my kids' cords fell off on Day 3, and I was thrilled (once I got over the momentary fear that it was too soon and she was going to deflate like an untied balloon). We had the rotting cord problem with one of them - it was so gross!

  8. You are hilarious. And only slightly weird. But in a good way.


  9. Oh my, Kelly girl! It's too early to laugh this hard. (It's almost 9... so what?)

    I almost can't blame you for clipping it off, except I'd have been terrified to do it. A comparison between umbilical cord stumps and swamp things is something I had never considered before. I'll be chewing on that for the rest of the day. (Not literally, of course.) (Okay, EWWW. That was uncalled for.)

    I'll end with this: when I was still living at home, a neighbor girl brought her new baby sister's newly fallen umbilical cord stump door to door to share with the neighborhood. I was completely and utterly grossed out. So save it for the scrapbook - (DUH!) - but don't let your kids get a hold of it. You never know what they'll do with it.

  10. Oh the things we do for our babies! ;-)

  11. Too funny! I'm with them on the belly button loathing!!

  12. You are hilarious. We too had the lingering cord issue around here.

    I hated it about like I hated the post-circumcision care. (Now THAT gave me a whole new appreciation for the Israelites! And some of the O.T. accounts of flint knives...)

    And you are certainly well-recovered from your death grip of mastitis to already be muwhahaha-ing about "next time"!!

  13. They say that you get dumber with each kid.

    I believe it, because I have no idea how long the cord remnants hung around for any of my kids...

    Does that make me a bad mom? :-)

  14. I'm glad it is gone! I hated cleaning those things. :)
    I hope the umbilical cord fairy has a better memory than the tooth fairy!

  15. Jackson's umbilical cord caused my first round of mother guilt and Dr.'s office drama. I might have to write about that today. I'm so glad the thing has stopped tormenting y'all and has finally given up the ghost!

  16. Love the last three posts (just caught up)!

  17. Good for you posting whatever you please. You'll be glad someday when she's 21 that you posted about that belly button. Now, Teyla may not be so glad, but again, who cares! And then when she gets older, she'll be touched by how "into" her you were! You're a good mom.

  18. Congratulations to your baby! You should have told your kids about the belly button fairy, who takes the stump away and leaves a dollar. I found that made it a little more fascinating for the older kids.

  19. I am glad you can't post scents, but I don't mind the pictures. It's a monumental moment!

  20. Both my girls belly buttons were revealed within 4 days. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do with it! hee hee

    An Island Life

  21. I wish you COULD post scents - because babies smell so wonderful!

  22. I was always SO incredibly thrilled when that nasty thing came off. I felt that my baby was somehow completely 'done' with that gone and the circumcision healed. lol

    thankfully, circumcision is not an issue for you on this one. :)

  23. My favorite thing about that photo is how the newborn size diaper fits, with plenty of room to grow. I was so sad when Jordan grew out of the newborn size. Teyla is so adorable !!!

  24. No way, this is a big deal. I hate that thing hanging there like a little shrivled up toe. I have *accidently* knocked it off a time or two.

    You broght back a memory - when Shepherd was born, they sent him home without taking off the plastic clamp. How that could have gotten past all those nurses I don't know! And I was a poor first time mom, I had no clue. His pedi cut it off at his first appt!