Cute Teyla Talking

Hi everyone. My name is Teyla, and I'm the newest member of the Love Well family.

Since I'm officially four weeks old today, my Mom is letting me take over her blog for a few minutes so we can have a quick conversation, seeing as that's my favorite thing to do right now with the people who love me.

For example,
here's my Dad and me talking. We hold in-depth discussions every night.

He tells me what's on his mind and gives me the latest info on the Presidential elections.

Of course, I have no idea what he's saying.

But that's OK. Because he's handsome, in a Dad sort of way. So just looking at him is fine with me.

If I'm looking for something a little lighter, I turn to my big sister Natalie. She's great at dishing some girl talk.

I really like her, and she talks to me in such a sweet voice. But she holds me so close, it makes my eyes do funny things.

I also feel an uncontrollable urge to talk with my hands when I'm around Natalie. My Dad says all the females in my family do that.

Here's me partaking in some grandparent conversation, when my Grammie and Papa were here a few weeks ago.

They were fascinated by everything I said, even if I was filling my diaper during our discussion.

My Papa is a pastor, so I thought I should show him how I can give God some praise.

They told me lots of stories about my Mommy. Frankly, those gave me pause. Things that make you go "hmmmm."

Wow. All that talk is tiring. (Yawn!)

Good thing I have this lady to fall asleep on. We talk sometimes too, but really, she makes a better pillow than a conversationalist. She's not a bad cook either.

See you after my nap! Maybe....


  1. Teyla, you are absolutely adorable...and your family's not bad looking, either.

    I would like to tell you, Teyla, that you are a blessed wee one. It's obvious that you are surrounded by love. Never take that lightly.

    Your mommy makes us all smile, and we're so very happy to see your sweet, fuzzy-haired face today. Here is a (((cyber-hug))) just for you!

  2. Oh you are the sweetest little thing! I just wanna pick you up and hug you and smell your sweet baby smell (the one when the diaper isn't full!) and kiss your soft cheeks!

    (Just don't let your daddy be telling you any of his bad political humor! hee hee!)

    Come back and visit any time!!

  3. Oh, you are too precious for words.

    But your mom did a GOOD job helping you tell your story. :)

  4. Oh, I miss those can just look at them forever.

  5. Watch out, Kelly, she may just take over your blog!

  6. What a wonderful addition to your beautiful family.

  7. My Teyla, you sure are a talker! But an adorable one :-)

  8. Teyla, you are Perfect!
    I loved your first post :)

  9. Teyla, you are a doll, and I think you should have your own blog entitled, "Well-Loved." I hope you make guest appearances more often.

    Way to lift your hands in praise! Too cute!

  10. So very sweet.

    There is just not anything more precious than a sweet baby girl with her daddy. (unless, of course, she is gazing adoringly at her mommy.)

    Looking forward to hearing more!!

  11. She is precious. Just precious. Cool blog entry.

  12. Love the last picture of the new Love Well baby... Congrats!!!

  13. Awww! How beautiful! So fun to see all the pics!


  14. Oh that was too fun! She's adorable.

  15. She's a beauty. What a sweet blessing!

  16. Oh! What a beautiful baby you have! Really, she is just the loveliest little thing.

  17. You're a gorgeous little baby! And a pretty good conversationalist too...I can see you're not lacking in love or attention either!!! Don't you love those sleepy little smiles!!!

  18. Dear, you are just gorgeous! And you are so lucky to have that big sister...she may just be the bestest friend you'll ever have!