Let Them Eat Snow

It's cold here today. Really cold. The kind of cold that causes your nostril hairs to freeze up the moment you walk outside and dare to breathe.

Or, as one of my favorite local bloggers wrote this morning:

At present it is five below; it has actually gotten colder as the day goes on, which can only mean that the sun is beginning to shut down, and will gutter out by 1 PM, leaving the planet to freeze. Once the enormity of the situation is generally known, civilization should collapse, possibly by suppertime. There will be a brief period of brutal social stratification, after which those who have amassed the most resources will survive a few months longer than the masses. But only a few months.

So don’t worry about returning those movies you rented, is what I’m saying.

But the sun is shining (at least, I assume that's what the bright spherical orb is in the sky), which can only be a good thing after a week of gray skies and St. John's Wort and butter. Lots of butter.

So. I'm blaming this on the fact that the sun brightened my day today.

Yes. My children are eating snow for breakfast.

In my defense, they requested it. After I chipped away the ice holding our screen door shut, it was a fairly simple procedure to scrape some snow into a bowl for them. And they were happy and entertained for at least 10 minutes.

Is this normal winter behavior, or am I starting to lose it?

(Although, now that I think about it, The Snow Diet might work wonders for all those seeking to lose weight now that we're in January. "Great crunchy texture with no calories! And it doesn't taste like grapefruit!")


  1. And I think they say that you burn more calories when you eat cold stuff b/c your body has to heat it up to digest it. That's what I'm telling myself anyway! Stay Warm!

  2. I think you may be loosing it! But I am desperately trying to keep my kids entertained this week, so I will give it a try!

  3. yahhh....um, I think I need to make a trip to the cities and just get a visual on you....ya' know, for my own peice of mind....(quick, Marques, get into the truck and bring mommies reserve chocolate...this one is serious!) ;-)

  4. ummm...feeding my children SNOW for breakfast...??? and then posting the proof on the world wide web???

    Can anyone recommend a good nanny? Fast? Between the pregnancy and now the cold...I think Mrs. Lovewell's lost it. I doubt an epidural or a positive focus point will address this...perhaps that breathing thing...

    Very concerned,
    Mr. Lovewell

  5. It's not that cold here--though we'll get our chance I'm sure.

  6. OMW. It's currently in the lower 70s and I'm complaining it's cold! I guess I don't really know what cold is, huh? hee hee

    An Island Life

  7. That's awesome! Wish I could have some myself ;-)

  8. Maybe I should consider snow my main source of food once the baby has been born - sounds like an excellent weight loss plan!

  9. Snow for breakfast would be a huge mood-lifter around here! No sign of it yet.

    I love your blog!

  10. My daughter just said "yum" when she saw the pics of your kids eating snow!

  11. We're sporting our own 12-13 inches. I think snow will be on our breakfast menu tomorrow! (maybe I'll stir in some juice for an added flavor boost!)

  12. Oh brrrrr!!!! I could not live up there! Between the cold and the dark I would go absolutely nuts. Thank you God for TEXAS!!

  13. my kids do this, with ice cubes from the freezer. They they put on their sunblock and go outside. (ok, that's hyperbole. Mostly.)

    I am going to show them these pictures and it will be all they will talk about for weeks.