All The News That's Fit To Print

Good news: The mastitis is gone. I'd like to thank Teyla, who nursed constantly for the last two weeks, and my new best friends, dicloxacillin and cephalexin.

Bad news: My three-week-old now believes Mom is a pacifier who will magically solve all her problems, including the need to eat, to drink and to be soothed into dreamland.

Good news: The wounds I incurred from constantly nursing an infant with the strongest sucking reflex in the galaxy (she could peel paint off a dresser, I swear) are slowly healing. This means Teyla can now latch-on without me sending desperate prayers to heaven to "kill me now, please, kill me now."

Bad news: However, I am still curling my toes and breaking out in an involuntary sweat for the first two minutes of each nursing session.

Good news: I lost seven pounds since I came home from the hospital three weeks ago tomorrow. And I wasn't even trying! Go-go breastfeeding!

Bad news: I still look like a slightly warped number 8, no matter which direction you look at me. This is causing me some mental distress, as I normally look like a 1. The lumps. They are very lumpy.

Good news: Having a new baby is an automatic excuse to stay indoors all day and do nothing. And I do mean nothing. All of a sudden, making the beds and taking a shower in the same day seems like a major accomplishment.

Bad news: Unfortunately, the ability to get nothing done all day is also causing me mental distress. I like to multi-task. I like to cross things off my to-do list. I like to be In Control and In Charge and Accomplish Much. So cutting back my day-to-day expectations is painful.

Good news: Our high today is 12. (Yes, this is good news. Stay with me, people.) Our high yesterday was -2. The wind chill was -37. Only in Minnesota can 12 feel like a heat wave. And it's possible that yesterday's frigid temperatures were the worst of the winter. We're heading toward spring now, baby!

Bad news: Spring doesn't come to our neck of the woods until mid-April, which is still four months away.

Good news: My husband will change diapers. Even dirty ones. (Michael, are you reading this?!?)

Bad news: The stabbing pain of a thousand gas bubbles make for an unhappy baby.

Good news: I'm writing again! On the blog! And the baby is sleeping!

Bad news: She's waking up, and I still haven't made the beds this morning. And it's time to pick up my son from preschool.

Good news: Even though I'm not posting as much here, I'm reading a lot out there. Even if you don't see me, I'm lurking. Thank you for keeping me entertained, informed and encouraged. The last time I nursed an infant, my online reading material consisted of BabyCenter bulletin boards ("Like Junior High. Only With Less Maturity!") and news sites. You have saved me from that fate this time around, and I'm forever grateful.


  1. I just remembered. Someone recommended that I take lecithin (available in health food stores, etc., as a supplement) every day - supposedly it helps prevent the plugged ducts that lead to mastitis. Can't hurt to try.

    You can still have a to do list - you just have to change what it looks like.

    1. Get out of bed.
    2. Nurse baby.
    3. Brush teeth.
    4. Nurse baby.
    5. Eat something.
    6. Smile at older children.
    7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 until husband gets home.
    8. Shower.
    9. Eat something.
    10. Go to bed with baby.

    Anything else you get done is a bonus.

  2. Wait, suburbancorrespondent! You forgot to add "Blog" and "Watch Daytime TV" to your to-do list. Your day isn't complete without those :-)

  3. "Like Junior High. Only With Less Maturity!" - HA!
    Has anyone checked you and your munchkin for thrush? We had a bout of that when the Baby was a newborn and OH MY GOSH THE BREASTFEEDING PAIN. Some antibiotic ointment and we were both jolly again. (if you have whitish patches on your breasts, or your baby has a whitish tongue, those are pretty clear signs.)

  4. Blogging and nursing? You are a modern day supermom!
    I'm glad the antibiotics are working and you are beginning to feel better.
    Teyla is so cute, even with all that horrible gas pain!

  5. "...BabyCenter bulletin boards ("Like Junior High. Only With Less Maturity!")"

    LOL. I didn't discover the blogosphere until I was in the midst of weaning the Pie. How much wasted time!

  6. So glad your mastitis has IS evil!

    I cringe at the thought of your latching pain! I had horrible latch problems with all of mine and only until the third did I discover the heaven sent Nursing Shields!! They saved me! You should look into those....they literally take away ALL pain while allowing your baby to still nurse very well....and you can find them at Target! ;-) Good luck!

  7. Oh and I second suburban up there....the lecithin works WONDERS! 1200 mg 3-4x a day. It acts as a lubricant for your milk ducts. It really does help when taken regularly. ;-)

  8. It's so nice to have you back, Kelly! I think I had your mastitis post memorized.

    You look like an "8"? I'm sorry, but that's such a funny visual, but because I know exactly what you're talking about, it's not funny at all. You'll be back to normal in no time!

    And finally, I had a baaad case of thrush with Emma. OH THE PAIN! Nipple shields were my life saver. If yours are still tender, they might be a good transitioning tool. I cried and prayed everytime I nursed until I discovered those gems. Ahhh, the memories!

  9. "However, I am still curling my toes and breaking out in an involuntary sweat for the first two minutes of each nursing session."

    This sent me into post traumatic stress disorder.

  10. Lost 7 lbs? Can I have a turn? Oh the wonders of calorie-burning breastfeeding!! That number 8 will shrivel up in no time!!

    Your brain cells don't seem to have died like mine did with additional childbirth. I was not as witty as you are when I was sleep-deprived. Actually, I'm not as witty as you are when I'm not sleep-deprived either! Maybe it's not childbirth....

    Isn't it nice she has such a strong sucking reflex. That will serve her well in the coming months when she reaches that charming stage when she decides to turn her head while she's nursing to see what's going on behind her. Nothing like a little tug-of-war with mommy.

    On second thought, I don't want a turn! :-)

  11. glad you're back and i remember that toe curling pain of the first 2 minutes of latch on.

  12. Enjoy the nothing. I have no room to talk because I wouldn't be able to, but you should!

    I remember the baby boards with my first. Blogging is definitely BETTER!

  13. Welcome back and thank goodness for those antibiotics, huh?

  14. Funny that the blogosphere is the only place where these words:

    "Even if you don't see me, I'm lurking."

    are reassuring instead of really creepy.

    Glad you're feeling better. Lots of good stuff rolled into this post!

  15. I can SO relate to all of this, Kelly. Good grief, I remember wincing perpetually for several weeks due to the whole "Let's use mommy as a pacifier" thing. Youch.

    And the memories are even more clear, what with just helping my sister and HER new baby. She's lost 24 pounds without trying - apparently her baby and yours are in some sort of sucking competition.

    Ahhh, the joys of motherhood.

    Praise God for HIS grace.

    And blogging.

  16. I well remember the pains of those few weeks nursing, grasping the chair, holding my breath, and yes, curling my toes. Thankfully, it does get better!

    Go ahead, do nothing, your baby will be a baby for only a short time! You have the rest of your life to cross off a list (this from the number one list maker in the South!).

    And 12? -2? Count me grateful to live "down yonder!"

  17. What a cutie--even when she's screaming :)

    I'm just excited my baby niece is moving up so I get to get my baby fix on a regular basis now :)