Hello. My Name is Kelly. I'm an Internet Addict.

Well my friends. I think it's time to be honest. To lay it all out on the table.

I think I have a problem with the Internet. The first thing I do in the morning when I get up is turn on my laptop. I spend countless hours most days sitting in front of my screen, doing everything from reading news or commentary to checking my Bloglines account multiple times. I see my life through the lens of "what would make a good blog post." At dinner, I talk to my husband about the funny stories I've read online that day, and before I go to bed, I check my e-mail again.

It's not right.

And it's starting to take over.

I opened my journal last week (which I keep on my computer, since I type at lightening speed and my handwriting has evolved into a series of cramped, illegible marks on paper) and discovered -- to my horror -- that the last time I had journaled was May 9. And before that, April 15. And most of the journal entries in April were copies of posts I had written for this blog.

I was aghast. I started this blog because I love writing, it seemed like a good outlet for some creative energy, and I was impressed with the talent out there in the blogosphere.

But it's not an outlet right now. A better analogy would be a drain. It's become all-consuming, to the point where I'm not recording my personal thoughts and prayers to my God anymore. That can't continue.

So I think I'm going to take a bit of a blogging break for a few weeks and see if I can achieve some balance in my life. (Plus, we're getting ready to move in less than a month. I'm sure my world will be turned upside down for a while, making blogging more difficult.) That's not to say I won't be around. I might. I just don't want blogging (and/or reading posts, commenting on posts, or staying current with the news in every time zone) to consume me anymore. I want to play with my kids without running to my computer every 10 minutes. I want to wake up to my Bible instead of my laptop. I want to enjoy the last few days we have in this beautiful house -- and I want to write about all these things in my journal without feeling guilty that I haven't posted to my blog that day.

Most of all, I want my writing to be first and foremost for God, not for an audience -- no matter how wonderful that audience may be. Warren Wiersbe, a dear family friend, sent me this quote a number of years ago when we were corresponding about the writing life. I have never forgotten it.

If you write for God, you will reach many people and bring them joy.
If you write for people, you may make some money and you may give someone a little joy and you may make a noise in the world for a little while.
If you write for yourself, you can read what you yourself have written and after 10 minute, you will be so disgusted you will wish you were dead.
- Thomas Merton

Right now, I write on my blog for people. I want it to be more than that.

See you soon dear friends.


  1. Kelly,

    May your break bring you the desired outcome! I completely understand...and have to refocus my energies and time that I commit to blogging on a daily basis. In fact, as I write to you right now, I am racing because I need to get my 10th grade son to basketball camp. Still, I am so glad that I have stopped by...so I can give you the proper send-off. You will be missed, and I so look forward to your return. Your return, however, slathered in God's purpose for his outlet.



  2. Kelly,

    I so esteem your blogging sabbatical as you find things in balance again - and MOVE!

    And thank you for the writing quote. I loved it.

    Blessings sister

  3. I understand. I feel I'm in that same place sometimes. I'm glad you're on top of it though, and recognize your need to step back. Know you will be missed! =)

  4. Everything in balance. You have your head on straight, lady! : )

    I will miss you though, but totally understand.

    Good luck moving and I'll be sending up some prayers for you.

    Hugs, Michelle

  5. Sounds like you've got your priorities straight now. While I'll miss reading your blog, the rest is just what you need right now. Thanks for being brave enough to admit you addiction and even more so to take some action!

    Crazy for Christ,
    St. Louis

  6. How I do understand...I hope you find many days of blessed peace! :))

    but I will miss you..hope you check in from time to time..:))


  7. Enjoy the last days in your home. Enjoy your quiet times alone with your bible and the Lord. Enjoy playing with your children!!


  8. I totally understand, but I want you to know you will be missed! Your blog has become a favorite place to visit. May your break bring you a time of refreshment and restoration from the God of peace!

  9. Kelly,
    Hope you get my email.
    And enjoy your break. I hope it is fruitful.

  10. I've been there too.

    I'm enjoying your blog, so come back soon!

  11. I just found your blog, and I have to say, "I'm with you, sister!" I have a similar post on my main blog. See, I'm such a blogging (and internet) addict that I started TWO blogs!

    Maybe I should just hide my laptop =)

  12. Okay, I can totally relate with much of what you said. I have to admit, however, that your blogging break coincides horribly with my return to blogging. :) Was that planned? I'm finally among the living again, reading blogs and writing blogs, and you take a break. Truly, I can't blame you a single bit! Although sick, it's amazing the things I thought about and accomplished while away from the life-sucking computer. Oh well... I'll keep checking back with you. I just love reading your blog!