Sick. And Tired.

I'm in the thick of it now. First trimester, week 7. I'm officially rotting from the inside out. (A quote I must attribute to my sister-in-law, who is pregnant with their first baby. And -- lucky girl -- she's in her second trimester already.)

Yesterday, I slept until 11:30 AM. (No church; I didn't trust myself to be civil. The hormones, they are on a rampage.) I feel reasonably good in the mornings, so I got up, ate a bowl of cereal with bananas. Then some eggs with avocado. Then some coffee with cherry streusel coffee cake. Then I stopped eating. Got the kids dressed. Did a project with said kids. Decided I might function better if I wasn't wearing pajamas. Took a shower. Fell back into my (unmade) bed, which was beckoning. Slept for another 30 minutes. Woke up to fix the kids lunch.

And so on. Most of the day consisted of me sleeping and eating, which I do in a desperate attempt to quell the queasiness in my stomach. And when I wasn't sleeping and eating, I was walking around like a Zombie, trying and often failing to complete simple tasks, like putting in another DVD for the kids.

I hit me last night that part of the reason I am suddenly so insanely tired might just be the fact that I've taken Unisom most nights this past week (along with vitamin B6, a combo my OB recommends to dampen nausea). Unisom -- a powerful sleep aid. And suddenly, I'm so tired even Starbucks can't touch me.

So I didn't take the anti-nausea cocktail last night, and I actually woke up -- on my own, without anyone jumping on me -- around 7:30 this morning. So here's hoping the nausea won't kick my butt back to bed later this afternoon.

(Oh, and could someone please point me in the direction of the person -- most likely a man -- who decided to call it "morning sickness"?!? Because it never stays confined to the morning hours for me.)

Plus, it's Monday. I need to clean my house.


  1. Hey there!

    Well...congrat's on being pregnant...and oh--I can so relate to the nausea thing. Yes, leave it to a man to call a pervasive feeling to "morning sickness!" Each time I was pregnant I experienced tremendous "morning sickness" any time my eyes were open! For some reason, when I closed my eyes, the feeling subsided. Much like being on a rollercoaster!

    God Bless you as you nourish this new little the expense of your own well-being!

    Do crackers and an herbal tea work? I hate offering suggestions that you may have already tried.....but I remember trying any relief I could. In fact, with my first pregnancy, the only thing I could eat for lunch that would stay down....was from the WCCO lunch buffet--a side order of each--mash potatoes and sourkraut. I'm not kidding.

    Oh-I hope just reading that didn't make you nauseous! Sorry!


  2. Your sister-in-law sounds really smart and funny.