Too Much Fun

When I was young, my Mom would often comment after a particuarly busy weekend, "Looks like you've had too much fun."

Too much fun. It was incomprehensible for a sanguine like me. Too much fun? That's like saying too much laughter. Too many friends. Too much sunshine. Too many s'mores. It can't happen.

But I'm here to report, dear friends, that I am nearing the limit on my fun 'o meter. These are just a few of the things we've done this weekend.

My daughter graduated from kindergarten. The graduation ceremony included a 45-minute show with songs, dances and skits.

My youngest brother also graudated from college. (No pictures; I let others handle picture-taking duty here.) His ceremony involved no dances or skits, and it was considerably more than 45 minutes in length. But it was still fun. Partially because....

...the kids and I got to sit with my sister and four-month-old nephew in the overflow room where we didn't have to behave, be quiet or even pretend to care about anyone else once our brother's name was called.

This is Natalie holding Silas as my sister reads them a book during the ceremony. I think my daughter is in love.

I somehow managed to get my entire garden planted and weeded last Friday, before we left on a four-day trip to the North Shore with my family.

Once we arrived at the North Shore, we threw on sweatshirts (temps were in the upper 40s) and hit the paved trail to see a few of our favorite state parks. The waterfalls are usually our favorites, since they have lots of water to admire ...

... and lots of rocks to climb!

One night of our trip, we stayed at a hotel with a huge indoor water park.
I think our parenthood popularity ranking just hit a new high.

And on our way home, we snuck in a visit to our favorite (free!) zoo. The kids were also nearing their fun quotient for the weekend by this time, so we didn't stay long. But we enjoyed watching the polar bears try to break into a large plastic barrel.

Oh, and because I promised more than a week ago and failed to deliver, here's a picture of the baby sprinkle. We used Ahnnalie as a centerpiece. Could there be anything better?

Official "news" tomorrow. Until then, I'm off to take a nap, which will hopefully reset the fun meter so I can start again. My sister, brother-in-law and nephew arrive later today for a three-day stay. Viva la fun!


  1. Holy Cow! How much can a girl do in a week?? No doubt your kids think ya'll are the coolest now..:))

    Glad you are back! :)


  2. fun fun fun. I look forward to the official "news". I might not be able to wait, although i'd hate to inturrupt a nap!

  3. Looks like your summer is off with a huge bang! :)

    Can't wait to hear the news. ;)

    Also, loved the pics.

  4. The pics are too cute! What a clever little centerpiece! Wish that my baby could hold that still - at nearly 3 months - the squirm-worms have already begun! So happy you had a fun weekend...looking forward to NEWS!!! love, sm