Three Thinking Things

Because I like to think. (And yes, I like alliteration too.)

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a series of posts that will show up here whenever the mood strikes. (Hint: It often strikes on Monday mornings when I should be cleaning my house.) It's my chance to share some of the thought-provoking tidbits I've stumbled upon recently. Plus, that whole journalist-who-likes-to-tell-everyone-what-she-knows gene never seems to quit working. I guess this is just my chance to play reporter. Without worrying about ratings.

So here we go:

1. I will remember this story, called "Pearls before Breakfast," for the rest of my life, and I can't say that about many newspaper articles. It's lengthy but well worth the read. I guarantee it will make you think about how you live your day-to-day life. A quick tease (because I did work in the TV news business, after all, where it's all about the tease): What if one of the world's greatest violinists played a $4 million violin incognito during the morning rush hour at a train station? Would anyone care -- or even stop to notice? Would you?

2. I don't agree with the author of this article about many things. But I thought these paragraphs were spot-on:
Pro-lifers are often caricatured as stupid creationists who just want to put women back in their place. Science and free inquiry are supposed to help them get over their "love affair with the fetus." But science hasn't cooperated. Ultrasound has exposed the life in the womb to those of us who didn't want to see what abortion kills. The fetus is squirming, and so are we.
Critics complain that these bills seek to "bias," "coerce," and "guilt-trip" women. Come on. Women aren't too weak to face the truth. If you don't want to look at the video, you don't have to. But you should look at it, and so should the guy who got you pregnant, because the decision you're about to make is as grave as it gets.
3. G.K. Chesteron on divorce:
If Americans can be divorced for "incompatibility of temper" I cannot conceive why they are not all divorced. I have known many happy marriages, but never a compatible one. The whole aim of marriage is to fight through and survive the instant when incompatibility becomes unquestionable. For a man and a woman, as such, are incompatible.
(Big HT to Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost, one of my favorite intellectual blogs, for these last two.)

Most likely, not all of my Three Thinking Things posts will be this serious. But hopefully, they will all get your gray matter engaged.

Leave me a comment if any of these items got you thinking. And feel free to share something that's made you stop and go hmmmm recently. My motto: My house may be dusty, but my brain won't be rusty!

(Yes, I love rhyming too. Watch out, Maya Angelou!)


  1. Wow. The Pearls before Breakfast article was simply amazing.

    My son was in the floor playing trucks and immediately ran over to see what the music was. He sat mesmerized for awhile then said, "I love dat music mommy." ;) I hope I wouldn't have been too busy to stop and listen, but I guess I just don't know after reading that article.

    So sad the priorities in our world. But I guess that's why we need a Saviour.

    Thanks for sharing that. It got my brain going today.


  2. Alliteration and rhyming. wow. Kel. You'd better slow down!

    OK...Because I'm supposed to be putting away laundry (the bane of my existance) here's my "deep thought:"

    I've been so overwhelmed by the sheer volume there is to do in my house. I clean one mess while Henry is making three behind me. I fold clothes and he tears down my neat piles with reckless abandon. I try to get dinner on the table as he dismantles my cabnets. Bedtime in our house takes about an hour and a half. Yes. It's true. An hour and a half. I was feeling particularly warn out by the sheer volume of redundant things I do. Then I read Colossians (3:23 & 24 to be exact). "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."
    Yeah, yeah, I've read it before. But you know how sometimes God can make the words so fresh? That's where I'm at. (Thanks in part to our mutual friend Beth.)
    Here's what I've been bouyed by:
    "You, sister, are getting paid by GOD HIMSELF for the hours you work as unto the Lord. I'm not being cheesy. Our future inheritance is real, and it far exceeds minimum wage. You possess a heavenly bank account in wich He is making divine deposits for every moment you work as unto Him."
    It helped to know those 3 times I get up to banish bad dreams and tuck my little girl back into her bed don't go unnoticed by my Savior. He's keeping track. And if I work as unto Him it's not just a loss of 10 minutes sleep at all. It's not just another diaper changed or mashed banana scrubbed off the bottom of the table, it's building an inheritance where noting can spoil or rot. So with my cup of fabric softner I offer you "cheers"!