Here in the Frozen North, we're digging out from back-to-back snowstorms. (My mantra? "It's March. It will melt soon. It's March. It will melt soon.")

We're going to get out and enjoy some serious playtime today. How could we not with six-foot drifts stacked up like mini-mountain ranges in the backyard?

Of course, I feel slightly sad when I see my prized Adirondack chairs buried in snow this deep. No wonder their paint is peeling.

Added to the excitement: Icicles that could easily kill a charging bear. My front roofline reminds me of that new restaurant in NYC, Kobe Club, that has 2,000 samauri swords hanging from the ceiling. (Nothing like imminent death to keep your mind off the fact that you're paying $200 for a mediocre meal.)
Here's Kobe Club:

And here's Chez Kelly:

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