Can't ... Breathe ... But It's Dang Pretty

We're still in Dallas. Northwest Airlines will probably need to carefully balance the plane when we board tomorrow due to the copious amount of great food we've eaten the last two days. (Translation: Kelly happy.) And man, is it green here! It's like we've fast-forwarded four weeks. The grass is growing, the trees have unfurled new, yellow-green leaves, and Natalie has already picked me two bouquets of "yellow flowers."

It's cloudy and stormy today -- which equals humidity. Our hotel room's sickly AC can't banish that "someone-is-smothering-me-with-a-pillow" feeling. So we're off to our friends' house to play with their kids -- which is where we've been most of the last few days. As my daughter said yesterday as we drove along TX 114, "Mom, I like Texas."

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