A Picture is Worth ... Well, A Lot

Since I'm still in introductory mode, here are a few pictures -- for those of you visually inclined.

The kids and me on Mother's Day 2005.

My husband and the kids.

Our backyard in the summer

Our backyard today. (Depressing, I know.)

The kids today.


  1. Hooray! Hooray! I'm so glad you have your own blog. I can't wait to read about the daily happenings of the Gordon household. (I expect many pictures over the next several months. ;o)
    Can I link you?

  2. Maybe someday I'll join you two in your daily blogging endeavors. Maybe. :) For now, I'm excited to have a place to hear both of your hilarious and beautiful perspectives on God, life, kids, marriage,....rhinoviruses. :)